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Love, Life & My Crazy Thinking.

By Rahul, published on Jun 28, 2013

...happiness, similarly there is no right way for love too. Every individual has his own interpretation of love but none know what it really is and how it should be felt, it is different and unique to each individual especially that towards his or her mate. I don’t believe in the existence of soul mate or one true love because the success in all happily living couples lies in understanding, acceptance and endurance capacity of both or any one of the individuals. Each individual have a unique characteristics deeply inspired by the people with whom they spend their childhood (most probably... (more)

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The Fear of Fear

By Shari G, published on Sep 7, 2011

“How am I going to pay my rent this month?” “I hope my car doesn’t break down!” “I wonder if I’m ever going to find my soul mate?” “I wonder if I’m always going to be alone?” “Will I ever be rich?”

Does any of this sound familiar? I know some of it sounds all too familiar to me. It’s called worry. It’s that single thing that can keep you from sleep, from moving forward in your life, that can make you physically ill and/or even kill you, can make you miserable to be around, and can basically keep you from truly living. It’s also that single thing, that over ninety percent of the time,... (more)

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