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8 Fabulous Famous Songs About Getting Older

By Susan Q, published on Jan 15, 2014 with them but music still plays an important role in the passing of age; whether that's to look back with sentimentality or to rage against Old Father Time.

Ageing and a sense of our own mortality have always been popular themes for songwriters and here are 8 of the most famous songs about getting older.

1. As Time Goes By - Herman Hupfeld

This song epitomises the passing of youth and was made immortal when it was sung by Dooley Wilson in the classic film 'Casablanca', although it has been sung by a succession of famous stars since then including Billie ... (more)

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Hitler was Right

By Anastasia , published on Jan 13, 2013

... and Confederate armies gather late in the evening, ready to do battle the following day in the Stones River Valley around the small town of Murfreesboro.

Camped only a few hundred yards apart, the soldiers shout defiance at each other, urged on by their bands, the Northerners playing such songs as Yankee Doodle and Hail, Columbia, the Southerners responding with a barrage of Dixie and The Bonnie Blue Flag. But then one of the bands strikes up Home, Sweet Home, a popular and melancholic tune of the day. At once both sides, North and South, start to sing, overwhelmed by the occasion,... (more)

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