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Finding A Treasure By Accident

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 25, 2013

First of all, let this serve as a lesson on how to be reminded that your wife is always in charge. Whether you want to accept this little factoid or not is not the question, but it is definitely the answer. Even tho I am very good at what I do some things are a pretty hard sell. But, I am getting ahead of myself totally here. So, Let me start at the beginning where everything started so y'all don't get even more lost than usual. Anyway, not too terribly long ago I got a phone call from my mother-in-law where she proceeded to explain to me that her cousin's uncle's father's niece's father (or... (more)

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A Father and a Dad

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jun 13, 2012

...And if I decided to try anything different than most my age, he’d shake his head, point out the pros and cons, and let me go about my business, win or loose. It was as though he was content watching me suffer the consequences if things went wrong, therefore teaching me some valuable life lessons without being judgmental. But, the biggest thing about my father was that no matter when, day or night, I could call upon him if I ever needed anything, period. He didn’t care, because my mom, sister, and I were the most important parts of his life.

Some of the fondest memories... (more)

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I used to be better than that.

By Betty B., published on Dec 27, 2011

...Bridge Road. I would get my blanket and book and lay in the grass and read and enjoy the sunshine. I think about those days so much sometimes I want cry to bring them back to me. I remember how my daughters and I used to sit and do each other's hair and laugh talk about their school days. My son was mostly a loner. He was really attached to me his mother and I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't see him much now because he lives an hour away. We live in Ohio now we had to move from our awesome home and 2 acres in Michigan. We had really tall, red pine trees in our yard and they ... (more)

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I Miss You Mom

By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 26, 2011

...of the mess party recited a poem…what was that mom…oh! Yes ...It was something like this ‘I had a little pony’… I was in II standard…you were mighty thrilled to see me on the stage…you know mom how I got the courage to be there at stage…it was you who motivated me…It was your song …oh! What a melodious voice… and that song was “yeh bijli giri hey unkey mahal par dua kar gamey dil dua kar(Lightening has strike the castle... pray sad heart…pray…). Now I know that why you preferred to sing those sad songs…Your tears…I saw you crying in silence still you... (more)

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