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Memorial Day: A Time to Remember

By Coach Phatty, published on May 24, 2014

It has always fascinated me how many people have sacrificed their lives or the quality of their life for the freedom that all Americans enjoy every day. I can’t imagine the impact that these misfortunes have on not only the soldiers, but the lives of their families and friends.

I always take the time each Memorial Day to think of the soldiers and the freedom that we have and say a little prayer for all of those who are in harm’s way today.

Unfortunately, I am embarrassed and sorry to say, that I don’t think many people REALLY are grateful for the many things that they take pleasure... (more)

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Dressing A Soldier For The Last Time

By Coach Phatty, published on May 10, 2014

This is a picture behind the scenes at Dover Air Force Base where the bodies of fallen soldiers are prepared for burial.

And that includes being properly dressed, all the way down to the smallest detail. In this picture Staff Sgt. Miguel Deynes is making sure the uniform is just right for an army pilot recently killed in Afghanistan.

There is a very specific process once a fallen soldier is returned home.

The bodies are flown back to the U.S. on a cargo jet.

A team of service members wearing white gloves carries the coffins, covered with flags, to a white van that... (more)

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Social Workers Helping Veterans

By Sandra Morton, published on Mar 18, 2014

However, since 9/11, reserve soldiers have been heavily called into military operations in lieu of a nationwide military draft. More than two million soldiers have served one or more deployments in the Middle East, and over a million of these soldiers have become eligible for post-combat VA services. A veteran in need of services lives in nearly every American community.

Social workers have a long history of working with veterans and their families. Starting in 1918, social workers began assisting World War I soldiers that returned from the front with self-described "shell shock."... (more)

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By Humble Opinion, published on May 27, 2012

...Texas would also be named after the lost American soldier.

REMEMBER Robert Shaw, a 25 year old from Boston, who after distinguishing himself on the battlefields of the American Civil War, was placed in charge of the newly formed 54th Massachusetts regiment consisting of all black soldiers recently freed by Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.

In July of 1863, Shaw would lead his men in a charge against Fort Wagner near Charleston, South Carolina. Shaw died leading the charge, although his men would indeed breach the fort, and with Union regulars, would ultimately... (more)

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Changing Careers

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 6, 2011

Having had many careers, all of which eventually ended, I contemplated the evolution of careers and our helpless gravitation towards them.

From the days of Ancient Egypt to the middle of the last century it was fashionable for men to take up careers as soldiers. Some of my ancestors were soldiers. Some career soldiers even did it without loyalty to king and country but with their eyes on money and spoils instead; they were called mercenaries, or in today’s parlance, contract killers. Their not-so-bloodthirsty compatriots joined the clergy and found food, shelter, and power in exchange... (more)

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By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 6, 2011

...father of whom you must have heard from your parents or grand father or it may be you must have only seen his old blurred photograph in military uniform. How you would feel if it so happened? Exactly this is what happened to me when one day a news report caught my attention and that was about Soldiers of World War I. The extract of the news was like this; during WW I many POW camps were doting the Germany map. At that that time few German scholars experimented with an idea to have a museum of all the languages of the world. For that to start with in these POW camps they chose to record the... (more)

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