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the article is about understanding maladaptive behavior

By jonpercepto, published on Jun 4, 2014

As we grow into adulthood, we often carry deep-seated memories connected to strong emotions that originated in childhood. These recollections, many of them subconscious, control our present behavior and reinforce patterns that either give us a balanced approach to dealing with our problems or reiterate maladaptive behavior (responding poorly to a situation) that interferes with our ability to form intimate relationships. How can we tap into these memories is the question that continually arises as we struggle to find the answers that help us understand why we react the way we do in... (more)

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Is Marriage an Obsolete Concept?

By dchaitanya, published on Jul 16, 2012

Quite a good majority of urban educated women says marriage is a a hinderance to their freedom and progression. Women are born free, but still their freedom is shackled under the guise of marriage, through out their life. Eventhough the shackles of marriage were broken by the hard-core feminists long ago, it is only today majority women around the world are realizing the importance of physical freedom to them unrestrained by the institution of marriage. Today they either prefers to be single or to have only live in relationships with a view not to loose their natural freedom. Increasing education... (more)

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Emotionally Slutty & Social Stratification

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Mar 7, 2012

Saying too much too quick - Yep! We have all been there - From the late night calls while drunk, telling God know's who all of your un-filtered problems. To the 'I love you' you accidentally spilled on your 3rd date. - Yep! I bet it happened! We have all reveal too much at some point in our lives. So it makes me wonder: Are we common sense handicapped, or are we simply emotionally slutty?

There have been times where i hear women be outrageously outspoken, to the point where; i just want to sedate them in an instant. Emotion sluttyness isn't classy, nor feminine, nor sexy, much less... (more)

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Indulging - Top 5 Sex Sites

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Mar 1, 2012

In this entry, the first of many in the new 2012; there wont be any recaps of 2011, so - moving on!

Have you ever wondered what drives humanity to be overly sexual, or perhaps, not driven enough? In the years in which I've studied humanity as a whole; I've come across various scenarios, yet i have never been able to figure out what makes a person overindulge. I've had many ideas as of why the norm has inflated over the years, but i have not encountered the reasons in which the norm has also depleted. Perhaps the increased availability of material which its beneficial to such overindulgement... (more)

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Normal Sexual Behaviors, Paraphilia and Addiction

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Oct 3, 2011

“While human biology is the ultimate basis for our sexual behavior; culture and society are the most important influences on how individuals experience and express their sexuality.” – J. Patrick and Linda Wolfe, anthropologists

This is where variant sexual behavior comes into play and It makes me wonder: Are the boundaries of illness and disorder really so distinct? What is considered ‘normal’ sexual behavior and when is it considered Paraphilia?

First there is the criterias used to define ‘normal’ sexual behavior. Prevalence is where we tend to assume that if most people engage... (more)

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