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One Million Discarded Children

By Paul Wylie, published on Aug 22, 2010

...don't even see these kids, and their outstretched hands are often met with a cold reception. In desperation, some will turn to crime, others will find their way to prostitution, and most will end up addicted to some form of drug in order to ease the mind numbing pain of being left behind by society.

Sure, there are many organizations that do great work in trying to help as many of these children of the night that they can. But the simple truth is that they do not have enough funding, and the money they were receiving has been cut and cut and cut, making it virtually impossible to... (more)

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Ride The Wind One Per Center

By Paul Wylie, published on Aug 21, 2010

...rider melding into one entity. Advanced suspension and high rubber mounts smooth out the road as the motorcycle takes the rider away, mother and child waving thankfully in the rear view mirror. The edge of the town comes up swiftly, the open road ahead a relief for one who shuns what straight society offers.

Holding the handlebars with a light loving touch, he ponders on the meaning of why that store owner could be so cruel, and yet the 'straights' fear those like himself. He considers his brothers, the owners of panheads, shovelheads, sportsters, wide glides, soft tails, and... (more)

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First Aid Training for Kids -- Are They Ready?

By ranfuchs, published on Jun 16, 2010

The sound of children playing in the playground, arguing, shouting, laughing, tells us that they are all having a good time chasing each other, climbing and hiding. All of a sudden all sound stops. Then, a loud scream shatters the silence. It takes five minutes before an adult reaches the scene to find a circle of children standing over a child lying on the ground, apparently unconscious. The children seem unsure what to do. Some are poking the child on the ground hoping for some response. There is none. Others are calling their parents on their cells. Someone suggests calling 911.

Accidents... (more)

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What is Your Worth?

By ranfuchs, published on Apr 22, 2010

From an early age, we are taught to think of ourselves as individuals valuable to the society we live in. But have you ever wondered how our modern society values your worth? The following anecdote may shed some light on this question.

A company I once worked for manufactured software-testing tools. It was a startup, and its first application was for testing some mission-critical medical equipment. A malfunction could have meant patient’s life, and as we were very proud of our record of reliability, we decided to expand our business to other fields.

It was pre-credit crisis days,... (more)

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The Power of America

By ranfuchs, published on Mar 20, 2010

It’s interesting to see how many of the Americans who believe that their country is the best in the world have never been outside their country. Many have not even been outside their state. But still their conviction is unquestionable.

It’s fascinating to speak to Americans who tell you how good everything American is, just because they don’t know what alternatives exist. Coming from overseas, I – with a full medical coverage – have often argued that the medical system here is grossly inadequate, wasteful and unfair. I always find it surprising when someone with little or no medical... (more)

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License to Kill

By ranfuchs, published on Feb 28, 2010

Did Jesus own his t-shirtwas of a consequencethat lead for heads to roll offand hell to live on earth.It was no minor question,unlike the one aboutthe angels pushing needlesto those who couldn’t count.Oh, such crucial questions,for which so many soulswere massacred for answersin search of higher goals.And yet today nobodycares or thinks aboutthose most important questionsman couldn’t live without.But even now we’re holdinga very strong beliefthat we possess some knowledgewithout which we can’t live.Oh, such crucial matters,Essential, higher goalshas lead us, like our fathersto sacrifice more... (more)

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The commuter

By ranfuchs, published on Feb 26, 2010

Unable to disobey the tyranny of the alarm clock, she wakes up. She unreasonably believes that her long working hours will be noticed. Naïve she is, and doesn’t realize that the promotion has already been given to another. Devotion had nothing to do with it.

It’s dark outside, and miserably cold. She runs to catch the train. In the station, she buys her usual cup of coffee. It’s lukewarm and tasteless. She tries to follow her latest self-improvement advice: it’s all in your mind. She tries to imagine the drink to be somewhat like a real coffee: hot, aromatic, full of flavour. It still... (more)

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American Tomato

By ranfuchs, published on Feb 22, 2010

Do you know what a cucumber or a tomato tastes like? This may sound like a silly question, but with the way our diet evolves, and the contemporary food industry manufactures food, many Americans have no idea what a vegetable tastes like.

Many Americans, as well as their counterparts in the developed world, have never tasted a real tomato, a cucumber or a strawberry. For many, the only encounters with vegetables have been through an industrial mock-up food, which advertising presents as the real thing.

As kids, a tomato with a slice of bread would have been a wonderful part of... (more)

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A Unified Humanity

By ranfuchs, published on Jan 26, 2010

Jogging, the unmistakable bluish aura glowing from every house I am panting by makes me feel safe, as I know that my neighbors, my town, the country, and probably most of humanity are connected by the same unprejudiced umbilical cord of information. I can clearly feel the common in all these otherwise-diverse and unrelated people and groups. They are all glued to the pipeline of bread and circuses, which runs by those with a single goal in mind, to make us – men and women of every ethnicity color or race – think the same; if possible, not think at all. This will make them rich and powerful... (more)

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First Encounters with the Opposite of ArtificiaI Intelligence

By ranfuchs, published on Jan 25, 2010

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the study of intelligent machines: an important field of computer sciences. But what should be the term for the opposite study? As tempting as it may be, Natural Stupidity is not the right term; Mechanical Humanity (MH) describes it much better.

MH is the very first thing you need to learn, before dealing with the hoards of officials who will accompany you throughout the entire process of moving to the US.

Each official seems to be familiar with some rigid actions that cannot be changed under any circumstances. And just like double jeopardy,... (more)

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