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Media Childrens the Social

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 4, 2012

She corrects her stance, moves past the monitor where she has coasted and coexisted since her arrival. She always finds the balance to appease the elements at theWorkstation. She makes her best attempt to adjust the interface, shooting with both eyes open and a purity of heart un-battered by behavior, unbuttered by lifestyle.

Her half-mind races to theNetwork as if she just might further a legend. She thinks about social organization and how it is now finally paying a toll. Yes, as it should--not in the spirit of sacrifice, but from a place of hunger, the kind of hunger needing no food... (more)

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Relics of The Accelerated Age

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 3, 2012

...thinks. So, the rainforest fetes a new siren for winners staying in the hunt.

Once a holding ground for wily veterans and cagy upstarts, a unanimous nannie structure of choice when the old ionization blackouts came, turning an old storage site into a belly of an echo--the recant of a society that settles for only the crimes at hand with spent fuel robots.

A bygone path leads up, and in its perpetual sleepiness, reveals nothing even to the culminate holy.

Something occurs to her, picks her up a little bit, pacifies her to battle the odds for a dark horse run at making ... (more)

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Maestro of Messaging

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 28, 2012

...its arrival. Incessant, now, wait, and then another as if a faint signal were arriving with an addiction memory.

It thinks distance itself is the destination.

Its content is semi-clear and yet, somehow, contains celebrity credibility--trying to make a name for itself in a free society with speed and focus alone. Its source is sending from a sector deemed as police.

The message will not delete but will exchange data to default mode. The meaning is changing and now it appears all ideas of confidence have been eliminated as code for [data entry beauty cloud logic... (more)

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Candor of Robot Rancor

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 26, 2012

So, she believes, they are bent on the idea of staying on solid ground intellectually. Let it be. Their high and mighty algorithms create go-for-glory blips, making a distinguishable existence the only way to experience life (can simple blips allow any escape from the silliness of their stillness?)

Yes, that's the way she would create her little realities--independent entities that are actually dependent on each other for their uniqueness.

The simple taking of responsibility for an unknown future is surely bravery, right? It would make her brave. It could be her true contribution... (more)

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The Last Engine

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 24, 2012

It starts. There is a probability across the spectrum that smaller singularities exist under the history books beneath shiny office windows.

Myriads of biosensor bots of high solubility and low toxicity amass in arrays of eiganstates across the architecture. They disguise themselves as companions in a friendly competition.

The willingness is there to wait in silent urgency, and then to lead forward into the mist as distant church bells call across tall grass toward a foggy future.

The warning was against fame.

It puts stagnation aside and searches... (more)

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Unreasonably Unreasonable

By XanthusKidd, published on Feb 19, 2012

...expect to change anyone else's opinions. In fact, I don't believe that I can change anyone's mind. I leave that part up to my readers. Why do we believe what we believe? Why does the man on the corner feel that those of a darker skin color than him ought to be relegated to a lower place in society? Why does the lady at the counter think that the world hates her? Why do the youth of today feel threatened by books that have more pages than pictures? Why are the jobless of America protesting their state by camping in the streets, instead of looking for employment in the shops that line the ... (more)

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People who receive welfare should be drug tested

By Lartinos, published on Nov 8, 2011

... be a small amout of people that manage to beat the test, but the vast majority, and especially the hardcore addicts, will fail. I don't think a drug like marijuana should be placed on the severity of harder drugs such as coke or heroin, which are known to lead to far more serious issues within society.

So in that sense we need to decide a different level of penalty for assistance reciptents that fail. Having tests will also make people avoid using drugs because of the possibility of failing the tests. Again, this will probably be moreso for lighter dug users as opposed to the harder... (more)

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Stepping Out Of The Box

By Felicia Stevenson, published on Nov 3, 2011

...debt. They go through the motions, never really stopping to think about whether or not the life they lead is fulfilling them, or whether they are happy. The dreams they had as children have long been forgotten, and they have a drone like acceptance of what their lives have become, and of what society imposes upon them. When the impossible demands of the outside world become too much to bear, instead of wondering whether too much is being asked of them, they turn to self hate. They try desperately to fit into "the box", convinced that they will be a failure if they can't. When their... (more)

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Seven Civil Values

By Caballero_69, published on Jun 24, 2011


Cooperative Endeavors - Developing and continuing our own styles, standards, and other processes and practices with maximum regard for mutual benefit

Purpose - Committing to building and developing the capacities of our communities, states and nation to restore our society to a condition of vibrant cohesion and shared abundance

Creativity – Doing resolutely as much as we can, in every way we can, to leave our communities, states, and nation more beautiful and beneficent than we found them

Commitment – Believing with firm conviction in... (more)

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America's Lazy Working Poor

By Paul Wylie, published on Feb 10, 2011

Unknown to the American public at large, most especially those who are too young to remember, President Lyndon Johnson declared a war on poverty during his State Of The Union address on January 8th, 1964. His vision and plan for a great new society, one that treated all of the citizens of the United States with a sense of fairness and an opportunity for all to move upward on the economic ladder was swiftly undermined by the up and coming neo-con faction. A faction that has slowly and insidiously worked to destroy America's enjoyment of a better life for all save the wealthy. The first of the... (more)

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