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Dear Facebook…

By DKIdea, published on May 12, 2014

Social media has changed the world. I can’t say if it’s been changed for better or worse as that depends on your personal experience with it. What I can say is that some of the stuff I’ve observed has given me pause to consider if people can generally be a bit more responsible when using it. Understand that this post is going to be purely opinion driven, but if people can use social media to vent…then I can use this blog to share my critique of their observed venting.

Now I’m not going to spend too much time talking about those folks that have turned Facebook into their own platform... (more)

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The Human Factor in the Age of Technology

By Lumiere, published on Apr 25, 2014

...every citizens basic HUMAN RIGHTS.

In 2010, NYC Shelled out almost a Billion in Civil Suits and $735 Million to Settle Civil Rights Cases Against NYPD in 2012. Which is forecast to rise to $815 million by 2016. The NYPD forgot to keep any of this in mind when they launched their Social Media campaign on Twitter. NYPD asked for images and the Public Uploaded images of Police Brutality. Modern Technology took the NYPD by surprise because the Public used it to call attention to a Pervasive Problem with Internal Corruption within the Police Department.

Being a Leader of... (more)

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The Selfie is another form of Narcissism

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 22, 2014

I got into an argument the other day when I made the bold statement that “selfie takers are modern-day narcissists.” I couldn’t understand why a person would take so many pictures of themselves, sometimes in the most unglamorous of states, and put them up on social media for all to see.

The barrage of protests that I got had a common thread. The protestors could not understand why it was so bad to indulge in this practice. Some did not know the meaning of the word “narcissism.” “Everybody is doing it, so why not I?” was a common protest; my counter, “And if everyone is jumping off a... (more)

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Buy Twitter Followers for Marketing

By Carolyn, published on Mar 21, 2014

If you want to be sure that you are best able to promote yourself as a business and as an entity. You have to have a social media presence. When it comes to social media Twitter is king right now. It gives you the opportunity to send thoughts out to the public in 140 characters or less. If you want to make sure that you are able to develop a following on this social media platform, there are many practices that you can follow, but now, you even have the opportunity to buy twitter followers.

When you buy twitter followers, you'll get the chance to have people come to you and give you... (more)

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Building a Social Media Community for Your Brand

By Peter Townsend, published on Nov 29, 2013

...over-exercising and barely eating. Thinspiration eventually results in patients with protruding hip bones, or ribs that can be seen through the skin. There have always been people with eating disorders. The difference with thinspiration is that it has managed to harness the power of online social media to achieve results in the real offline everyday world.

Dr Megan Scears, an eating disorder specialist who regularly treats patients puts it this way;

"It's like a cult-like thing among these patients where they're providing a lot of support for each other and encouraging each... (more)

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More hospitals turn to social media to improve patient care

By Toni Okeson, published on Nov 6, 2013

Hospitals are turning to social media to improve patient care. According to the Wall Street Journal, medical facilities are using social media sites for a variety of uses which include: educating the public about certain conditions, gathering feedback about visits and offering online advice to ailing patients. Some clinics will answer questions about anything, ranging from customer reviews on water ionizers to the handling an ear infection.

One hospital focuses on feedback

The University of Michigan Health System is using social media to gather feedback from patients. A group... (more)

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How to Use Content Marketing to Increase your Business Traffic

By VictoriaH, published on Oct 7, 2013 improving your traffic by exposing your content to as many people as possible. Here are a few places where you should consider posting links and highlighting your content:

·Guest posts.

·Forum posting.

·Commenting on blogs.

·Articles written directly onto social media platforms.

Some of these are more effective than others for generating traffic. Forum posting, to give an example, is far less effective than it once was due to Google cracking down on excessive spamming.

What Should You Watch Out For

Exact match anchors are... (more)

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The Marketer's Essential Guide To Google +

By Andrewspenceonline, published on Aug 1, 2013


Then come ‘circles,’ which are nothing but groups with whom you can share messages, images and videos. This feature cuts through the whole quagmire of privacy intrusions that Facebook takes pride in.

Circles are the most robust and highly customizable when compared to all other social media platforms. As a marketer, there’s no limit to the way you can use circles. You can choose to send updates and insights exclusively to your clients. You can share news with any circle and to their extended circles.


This is the part I enjoy writing about. ... (more)

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Forever in Neverland - modern day immortality.

By iancochrane, published on Feb 21, 2013

‘Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.’ - JM Barrie

There’s a large page-4 headline and a small picture. His face is olive-brown, tilted slightly towards me, the hand of a close friend across the back of his bare neck. In his early 20s, his eyes are coals with a certain spark; windows to the soul they say. His teeth are ivory white, his mouth wide open. I hear a cheer, a joyous yell. The foreground is blurred; the merriment of happy goings on, a bit of action. Good friends hamming it up. There’s a shock of dark windswept hair above a high... (more)

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Trying to imagine life without social media

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 3, 2013

I tried to recall life without social media. Wasn’t it just a few years ago when I walked around without a portable device strapped to my waist, a device willing to announce my every grunt, burp and fart to the external world, if I only let it?

Without social media, my concentration would improve, that much I am sure. I would not be constantly interrupting my daily chores to go check that infernal device for the latest chat or inspirational message. My self esteem would mature for I would not have those “likes” to prop me up but would have to “like” myself instead. I could spend many... (more)

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