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Rub It Before You Smoke It

By Scorpion Sting, published on May 28, 2013

Before I actually get started I would just like to remind everyone that y'all will be reading about the butchering, preparation, smoking, and consumption of a pig. So, if eating meat or reading about meat is offensive to someone this would be the place to turn around and exit. For everyone else, follow me and let's see if I can sort all of this out for you. Doing this post was actually not planned however I was asked to do a post on this subject since I knew what I would be doing this Memorial Day weekend well in advance. Otherwise, this probably would never have happened for you to see. Let... (more)

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Bacon Wrapped Kickin' Smoked Rabbit

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 19, 2013

I recently found myself wanting rabbit. Rabbit isn't a complicated meat to cook and there is a variety of ways to prepare and cook it. Since I tend to smoke, roast, or grill any meat cooked at my house, I chose that I wanted to get some rabbit ready for smoking. Before I begin I will tell all of you that the rabbits used to make this meal were killed by me, field dressed by me, later skinned by me, and eventually placed in my freezer by me. The rabbits were killed using a bow and arrow by me and my son on my property in late January this year. I have learned that killing and immediately eating... (more)

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Just Smokin' My Life Away

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 18, 2013

...but mostly out to the back, which will probably be fitted with some kind of small squirrel cage blower for increased smoke volume and transfer.

I will get done with this little project in due time. I need to get it done because it is in the way. I need to get it done because it's not smoking anything for me the way it is. I don't know which is worse, having an idea or building that idea. Seems if I would stop coming up with different things then I wouldn't get in such a pickle. I think once I am done with this I will take it easy for a while and just enjoy the fruits of my labor.... (more)

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By Rahul, published on Dec 12, 2012

...bring much shock to the so literate Keralites.

Liver cirrhosis, lung cancer, pain, agonizing death, what more misery could one want, it seems understanding is one thing but working for it is another. The truth is that everyone knows the health hazard of alcohol consumption and chain smoking; they know what ultimate price they have to pay for such a weakness but how many do avoid/quit its use and help others in doing the same. The numbers suggest that each year the number of people addicted to alcohol and cigarettes are increasing in a drastic way in India (even more increase in... (more)

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A Life Unnoticed

By Selina Jane, published on Nov 9, 2009

I used to run into him all the time at the local WalMart. I would be there loading up my cart with useless (but necessary) items such as; scarves, socks, pajamas, body wash, shampoo, laxatives, and tampons, while he was there with his cart full of smoking cessation aids such as; sunflower seeds, a jumbo pack of gum, “the patch”, and some of that nasty Nicorette gum. I always found it weird that he went to these great lengths to seemingly “stop smoking”, yet each and every time, at the checkout, he would still ask for a pack of cigs… Marlborough Lights.

One day while behind him in line... (more)

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