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By Rahul, published on Sep 13, 2013

...either. Unlike that I see in Bahrain the water there has the mind of a teenager, arrogant yet full of life. It smashes hard on the rocks again and again trying to get freed from the man built boundaries and thus adding a hint of adventure to whomever care to stare.

I miss my land and the smell of the breeze that pats her all day long. The sense of smell is a wonderful sensation that can take you to realm of nostalgia. All you have to do is close your eyes and let it into your lungs through your nose; it pokes the brain and drags out the memories that are buried deep within. It’s... (more)

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Take a walk in the Forest

By Betty B., published on Jan 27, 2012

... all the spaces now.

Rivers running freely loud breeze blowing lightly around.

Close your eyes and dream of Him The one who put the trees within Let your mind take you there Walking in the forests wind.

The crickets chirp,the land is free my soul searches for thee.

The smells of pine and maple to The sounds of Heaven wait for you His Love is all around us His touch revives the day His Love is in my heart today The forest is free inside of me.

Take His Hand and walk the path Hear the sounds He gives Let us live within His Grace Let us touch His sweet... (more)

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