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With Malice Towards None

By Anastasia , published on Feb 1, 2013

...the sanction of Congress - it had no abiding legal validity. In other words, those slaves forever free might just as quickly have been back in chains if the war had been brought to a quick conclusion and the President’s authority challenged by the courts. Emancipation Proclamation or not, slavery was still the law of the land.

It was the movie Lincoln that brought this simple truth home to me, one that I had previously overlooked. I’ve always admired Stephen Spielberg as a director, one of the great masters of the cinematic medium. InLincoln he has surpassed himself, just as ... (more)

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Slavery is back

By Anastasia , published on Jul 17, 2012 akin to a concentration camp.

Six years ago Tony Blair, then Prime Minister, apologised for England’s role in the slave trade. He said that we should all express deep sorrow and “rejoice at the better times we live in today.” We now know this is not true. We now know that slavery is still alive in the modern world, our world. Last week, in the first case of its kind since slavery was abolished two hundred years ago, a husband and wife were sent to jail for their part in a slavery racket run by Irish gypsies.

In sentencing James and Josie Connors, Judge Michael... (more)

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Hey, why don't you people go back to Africa?

By D. Ware, published on Feb 8, 2012

...the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). The organization's main goal was the segregation of whites and blacks. Garvey wanted blacks to leave the United States and return to Africa. But it might surprise you to know that organized efforts to return blacks to Africa began, not after slavery, but during slavery.

Shortly after the American Revolution, free and enslaved blacks began to openly challenge slavery. They would ask, "How could such an institution continue to exist in a nation where men had died for the right to govern their own lives?" "Why weren't black men... (more)

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Enslaved in America

By Bessie Jewel, published on Oct 29, 2011

At the risk of offending the ancestors of immigrants brought to The New World against their will, I want to talk briefly about shackles. Not the iron kind that hang heavily around the wrist and cut the skin at the ankles. I'm referring to the new-fangled kind, the invisible ones that slowly wind around your throat making it difficult to speak and sometimes even breathe.

They come disguised as security blankets in the form of 401Ks, paid vacations, and (shudder) health insurance. Those who enslave us like to remind us that we're damned lucky to have a job at all these days, so take what... (more)

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From Virginia, a Confederate $3 Bill

By Tom Lewis, published on Apr 10, 2010

... chattering class erupted with outrage (after professional rage-mongers threw several matches into the powder barrel). So what did he say? Never mind what he said. What everbody's in a twist about is what he did not say.What was shameful about McDonnell's proclamation was that it did not mention slavery. What he did not say about slavery was widely seen as ignorant and insensitive. Because "everyone knows," as former Virginia govenor Douglas Wilder said of the affair on every know television channel, "that slavery was the cause of the Civil War." ("Those who live in the past," he added,... (more)

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The Growing Challenge Of The International Assembly

By Credo, published on Jul 8, 2007

It is time for Britain/America to exorcise the ghosts of the past and come to terms with its history as it steps into the new millennium.

It is time for the governments and all who participated or benefited from slavery to repent and admit to these colonial horrors of our past and the extreme effects of such a negative precedent. Allowing racism to continue sends a criminal message by stating that slavery was and is a positive alternative. Furthermore the message goes on to say that it was/is not a crime to commit an offense against the darker people of the earth and so we continue to... (more)

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Alabama to Dead Slaves: Dead One's We're Sorry, Alive One's Ignored

By GreatMinds, published on May 25, 2007

The House resolution draft read in part that Alabama acknowledges "that slavery as an American 'Institution' was a wrong committed upon millions of Black Americans and that their ancestors [sic] are the beneficiaries of such wrongs..."; the resolution apparently intended to recognize the descendants of slaves, and is puzzling in its use of the word "beneficiaries". Nonetheless, the resolution passed the upper house by a party line vote almost without Republican support; Alabama's Republican governor, Bob Riley, has indicated he will gladly sign the resolution when it reaches him. One Republican... (more)

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