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Declining Corporate Skills – part 2

By Shane Joseph, published on Mar 2, 2013 the competition. We were told that employees left bad bosses, not bad jobs. It was an environment of employers chasing good employees. I felt so relieved at the time, because I had left the Third World where employees were treated like commodities and bosses had little or no leadership skills because they had often been appointed through nepotistic connections.

Now, thanks to globalization, automation, and a financial crash, the situation has reversed and the Third World working environment has made landfall in North America. And it’s been going on for five long years, so... (more)

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Dating Game for Wannabe Skilled Immigrants

By Shane Joseph, published on Jan 5, 2013

... this country a quarter century ago under the category of “skilled worker,” lured by the first world, “Brand Canada” lifestyle that was on tap, there were no such dating sites. All the Canadian High Commission in my native homeland had to work from was an outdated, typed list of required skills, among them, Undertaker and Sales Representative. Well, as I have a slight problem working with dead bodies, I qualified as a sales representative. When I arrived here, I got a bit of a shock: there were sales reps coming out of all nooks and crannies, including the mass produced ones from... (more)

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