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You're Single For A Reason

By Simpanique, published on Jan 1, 2012

...becomes reality, so I must monitor and make conscious choices about what I allow my thoughts to focus upon. Wow, not only do I need to take responsibility for my actions, I have to own the consequences of my private thoughts and beliefs!


If you’re single and would prefer to be in a fulfilling relationship, I’m playing with the idea that the most important coaching question for you is “Why are you single?”

“Why” doesn’t mean “What happened?” or “Whose fault is it?” In this case, “Why” refers to big picture... (more)

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It's Valentines Day...again.

By DarleneRH, published on Feb 14, 2007 will be considered a sweet and charming gift. 7) You can blame Valentines Day for why you are finally setting up the camera and filming *it.* 8) Everything about this holiday goes on sale tomorrow, from roses to Godiva. Butcher your waistline, not your wallet. 9) You can walk around like a grumpy bitch if you are single, and actually have people agree with you and promote your stank behavior.

...and finally: 10) Not like you need one, but it's another excuse to drink on a weeknight. Love or Hate V-Day? Leave a comment and tell the world your reasons to (or not to) celebrate.


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My Los Angeles Dating Manual for the Holidays

By Stephanie Michele, published on Nov 25, 2006

...asked my friends and co-workers what their plans were and received five invites. I attended two and teetered on a third. I had great time. I met new people. I ate, drank and while being merry, I was sized up for marriage; my mother would have been so proud of my reviews. I don't mind being single mostly because I hate dating. I am an "all or nothing" sort of person. I don't care for small talk. I believe in long-term relationships. I like the idea of intimacy based on the depth of the connection not just based on the desire to be touched. I like men who are intelligent and patient. Who... (more)

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