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By D. Sager, published on Mar 26, 2012

In the early dawn, the dark and the bright birth

My silver cage flew open, and I wandered,


In the cool of the morning, the placenta of night

My foundling feet find rhythm, and I wandered,


In the heat of noon, the umbilical light a rage

My downy wings grow furious, and I wandered,


In the dying day, the flower of life now closing

My infant dreams lay in grasses, and I wandered,


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Tags: dreams, night, grass, infant, flower, dawn, cool, birth, silver, dark, wings, rage, aimless, cage, feet, flew, placenta, rhythm, umbilical, wander

Silver Bullets

By LVera, published on Oct 16, 2011

...Sandy screamed before Glen point a bullet in the back of her head, spraying blood along the dirt that created a crimson puddle of mud.

"Let's go," Clyde said as he threw his cigarette into the chasm. They drove away leaving only the moonlight to watch over the dead.


"Silver bullets!"

"Are you shi***** me?" Clyde said as he sat across from Jimmy Bean.

"I swear ole' Johnny the mechanic always carries silver bullets with him. He says it's the only way to kill werewolves," Jimmy said as one of the two girls that sat in the booth with them poured wine... (more)

Tags: death, halloween, bullet, murder, story, silver, l. vera, short, bullets, werewolves, werewolf, revenge, scary

Re-Committing to Excellence

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Nov 1, 2010

...they "won" two straight may be an understatement.

The key 33-3 win over the Seahawks yesteday put the Raiders a game behind the AFC West leading Kansas City Chiefs with the Raiders hosting the Chiefs on Sunday for a shot at a piece of the division lead.

So what makes this year's Silver and Black different from the previous seven since Oakland's Super Bowl disaster against Tampa Bay?

For starters, the Raiders bring back head coach Tom Cable for his third season, giving the Raiders the much-needed coaching stability that they've been without since Al Davis fired Bill... (more)

Tags: football, nfl, california, al davis, 2010, oakland, raiders, silver, black, turnaround, tom cable, bay area, jeff weisinger

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