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Being a True Gentleman

By chrisezine, published on May 10, 2014

The reason why women are often associated to the hobby of shopping is because over the years, the market has opened up and welcomed more women customers than men. Not only is this caused by the amount of women overall that is deemed to be more than men, but the truth is, women require more than men. They are a creature of beauty and it is therefore a natural consequence that one would preserve beauty both from outside and within. The following are ways to keep your women happy, as a true gentleman.

Dress to impress

What is meant by dressing to impress is to appreciate your lady... (more)

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Online Wholesale Jewelry Procurement Guidelines: Start Saving

By chrisezine, published on Feb 24, 2014

...stores both online and offline - Because of the increasing demand for jewelry sold wholesale, stores that specialize in exactly that are emerging. There are shops that have a physical venue where you can check out their stock and there are also online-based stores where you can make your shopping via the internet. Also some wholesalers have both a physical store and a business page selling online. So checking both existences for better offers should be a good choice.

• Check the legitimacy of the store and its Jewelry products - One of the scariest things in the world is... (more)

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Seems like yesterday (Prose Mother to Daughter)

By JennyT, published on Oct 3, 2013

with grace she enters from the dressing room

captivating those that turn, their lipstick stained glasses

held in hand and some gentlemen who sit on couches

sideways glance to hold her beauty in their eyes

too ethereal for this world, angelically she softly glides

and takes her place in front of the mirror that can’t

reflect the beauty she holds inside

satin shoes, dress of lace that waterfalls

around her feet

her dream, on the verge of being fulfilled

my dream ~ her happiness and I wonder does she notice

the tears... (more)

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What makes a man sexy?

By LifeCherries, published on Jun 9, 2013

...anything needed to be fixed or cabled up or programmed, I was the go to person. I am the technical one in the family. I like to know how things work and I also pick things up very easily. I can do anything and I am a true Jack of All Trades.In my mission to be Supermom, I have done all the shopping and cooking and running of the home and managing of the children. I have been lucky enough to have a maid to do the general cleaning but her duties have always stopped there. Besides being Supermom, I also am part owner of 4 companies and run another company. I have a very full day starting ... (more)

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The Tragic-Comic Experience Of Shopping With A Teenager

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 21, 2012

It was and still is an educational experience for one of my adult daughters to shop with a younger sister. After a particular stressful shopping trip, they would stumble through the door, complaining about their hard to please sibling. Typically,they'd roll their eyes and sputter, " Do you want to know what kind of dress she wanted me to buy?!" In response to their tirade I'd laugh, "Oh, we understand what you just went through, sweetie. It is payback time! Now you know what your dad and I went through." I remember scores of tragic-comic dramas as we shopped with our daughters. One example... (more)

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I Hate Shopping

By gt281, published on Nov 14, 2011

I hate shopping, I really do, as any self-respecting knuckle dragging male moron should. It takes too long, there’s never a parking spot near the door, unless of course your handicapped and can use one of the 62 reserved parking spots next to the door, and the stores are always crowded with women browsing, not buying, browsing, and the stores have gone way over the cliff with those ‘hotcar’ bulldozer shopping carts every woman straps their crying brats into. Plus there’s no where to get a beer.

It was just the other day, yes it was Tuesday, that I had to go to the nearest store I could... (more)

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Feeling A Bit Lighter In The Pocketbook?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Nov 2, 2011

This economy is growing steadily worse. We see it everyday with continued layoffs, further drops in the housing arena, jittery stock markets, and a stubborn unemployment rate that doesn’t want to budge. All of these are coupled with the most negative political atmosphere since the gloomy days of the Great Depression. Money affects everything we do. Like bright sunshine or a dark, ominous cloud constantly floating overhead, money represents a huge part of what drives us from birth until death. It’s the reason why most roll awake in the morning, draining 95% of the population’s minds with periodic... (more)

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Do I Really Want to Do This Again?

By Gracey, published on Aug 22, 2010

...that still works...but runs at the speed of a snail stuck in molasses.

Let me first say that the last two desktop computers I purchased were custom built to my specs, so I hadn't actually had to walk into a technology store and take what they've got - I got exactly what I wanted. This shopping trip was a whole new ballgame for me.

Once inside the store, I headed straight for the advertised special (the reason I was there). The first thing that annoyed me was that it (the advertised special) came with Vista. Getting one with a good graphics card, AND a 350g hard drive won’t... (more)

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The Yule Tidal Wave

By Glenn T, published on Dec 23, 2009

Despite the fact that this is my fourth December in Los Angeles, this year was my first doing any appreciable Christmas shopping here. I’m usually headed back home to Colorado - and not wanting to check baggage full of presents, I do my last-minute shopping there, where it’s never much of a problem. But this year, I’m sticking around, enjoying the weather and avoiding the hassle of travel. To my horror, however, I realized far too late that last-minute holiday shopping in L.A. was going to be different, to save losing what little faith I had left in my fellow man and to rip what little Christmas... (more)

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Sentinels Song of Peace

By Lumiere, published on Nov 20, 2009

...our day-to-day life freely as we choose on United States soil, they are sacrificed overseas on the battlefield so that we can maintain our quality of life. Our soldiers lives are put in harms way so that we can gas and oil up our non-hybrid vehicles and live our lives ever so conveniently, shopping as good consumers do, without regard to how the products we buy effect the environment or oppress the people who make those products for our consumption in other parts of the world. It is time for a change in how we shop, in what we buy and in the responsibility that lies in our purchasing... (more)

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