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Max and Jason Style

By C E Walker, published on Mar 4, 2007

...very, very little makeup. To this day we’ve been on the air for two years and we’re not used to it. At all. It’s the bane of our existence. Jason: It’s only for the studio hosting; we never wear it when we’re in the field. So, in the morning, it’s like shooting TRL, to give a parallel example. You know, we’re hosting. Then the rest of the day is given to us to act as producers. Placing phone calls, planning our next shoot or trip, or local shoot. One of the cool things about Current is that they let us pitch our own story ideas because we... (more)

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North Hollywood HEAT: Ten Years Later

By Crowbar, published on Feb 28, 2007

...automatic AK-47's, a .223 Bushmaster rifle, a .308 semiautomatic H&K, and a semiautomatic 9mm Beretta handgun. In contrast, the arriving officers had only their standard issue 9mm Beretta with fifteen rounds apiece. The first response team awaited outside the bank as the two gun men were shooting inside apparently upset at the lack of funds. (Reportedly, there was only 300,000 dollars compared to the 1.7 million they made off their last two heists). Once the gun men were outside, officers fired round after round into Phillips and Matasareanu, but the bullets just bounced off their... (more)

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Interview with Glenn Koenig, Photographer for the LA Times

By Ariel, published on Feb 11, 2007

...receiving updates from the LA Times on your blackberry. There are thirty-eight L.A. Times photographers. We have shifts that start at 7:00 am and at 4:00 pm and everything in between. Some photographers might be working on long-term projects, which could include traveling, while others are shooting daily assignments. For me, every day is different. I could be sent to March Air Force Base to cover the President flying in on Air Force One or to an elementary school in Garden Grove to shoot their Thanksgiving Day celebration, complete with a replica of the Mayflower and all the kids... (more)

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He's going the Distance: An Interview with Harry Perry

By V, published on Jan 9, 2007

...Harry Perry in his natural habit, the Venice Oceanfront Walk. It was here that I would find out a little bit about the man beneath the turban. Our rendezvous point was the beach basketball courts, where I sat watching some extra tall, young men, dripping in sweat, absorbed in the task of shooting hoops. The boardwalk was just beginning to come alive, the shimmering, gold mime already in place, perfectly still. Roller doors recently opened, owners arranging their wares in a rainbow of tourist's souvenir displays. The funnel cake oil was popping, people were jogging, the beach cruisers... (more)

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An Eye On The World: an Interview with Gilad Benari

By Ariel, published on Dec 28, 2006 still driving me wild sometimes. I find myself using it mainly when I travel and for B&W street photography. No digital camera can replace that, yet. Are your shots mostly carefully prepared or spontaneous? Definitely spontaneous. I never know what I’m going to find when I go shooting. I throw my gear on my back, and just take what ever comes my way. It’s such a wonderful feeling walking the streets, and traveling with a camera in hand. The world looks differently. Everything is potentially a story. Can't agree more with that. What makes a good picture according to... (more)

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George Clinton, Funk Star Extraordinaire Robbed

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Dec 20, 2006

...candy from a baby, but there are those among us who will still go to great lengths to take video camera equipment from a 65 year-old man. Especially if that senior is George Clinton, funk star extraordinaire of the band George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic. The theft occurred during the shooting of Clinton's upcoming music video, "Bounce 2 This". The stolen video camera is said to have contained footage from the not-yet-released video. Although surveillance cameras managed to catch the thief on film, publicist Sandy Friedman said in a statement Tuesday the individual was... (more)

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Heading to the Lively West

By Josh Marks, published on Dec 7, 2006

...its peak as a destination spot from the 1960s to the 80s when the streets were closed on weekends due to the massive amounts of people walking around the area. The halcyon years of Westwood Village ended in 1988 when an innocent bystander, Karen Toshima, was killed by crossfire in a gang shooting. In 1991 a small riot shook the neighborhood after moviegoers were turned away from a screening of “New Jack City,” a film about gang violence. These and other high profile incidents shattered the illusion of safety in this affluent West L.A. district. People stayed away and many... (more)

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The First Five Minutes...

By Glenn T, published on Nov 27, 2006” is supposed to give us, I think it is plagued with the very same problems as its predecessor. No matter who shoots it, pays for it, produces it, or owns it, every video has an editor – even when it’s simply someone who decides when to start and when to stop shooting. This “editor” has enormous control over the impression that we form from watching his or her video. Who can’t think of situation that would look totally different with the omission of the first five minutes? Perhaps it’s an easier exercise to try and think of a... (more)

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Holy Horrific Hodgepodge!!!

By Chris Volkay, published on Nov 20, 2006

...might culminate in the return of Christ. To prepare for this, Falwell stocked up on food and ammunition, although it wasn’t quite clear why the ammo would be needed. I can only quote George Carlin, who, referring to Waco said, “anytime religious nuts and government agents are shooting at each other, I’m a happy guy.” A Baptist church, used pizza to lure in 11 and 12-year-olds off the street and then secretly baptized them without their parents consent. What’s next, asking the kids to help them find their lost dog? Hemorrhoid-suffering pilgrims flocked ... (more)

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What Is The Point

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 19, 2006

Yesterday (Saturday, November 18) an 18-year-old man was gunned down in a driveway in El Monte. Sheriff's deputies ruled the shooting "gang related" and began a man-hunt (or would it be "person-hunt" since one of the three shooters is female?) for three individuals. As of now, I have not heard whether or not there are any new developments in this story. One question that keeps coming back to my mind in all of this is, "What was the point?" Why would three people pull up along side a pedestrian and open fire on the guy? Are the shooters lost in their own little world where they can randomly... (more)

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