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May Day Clash Brings LAPD Back Under Investigation

By Charles Harmison, published on May 3, 2007

...who were reportedly following all rules of conduct. Some 240 rounds in all were fired out of the blue toy like shotguns into a crowd that included reporters, vendors, and other nonparticipants in the demonstration. Recipients of the barrage claim that some officers were mockingly shooting in "Robocop postures" and "Rambo poses". Although no serious injuries occurred at least ten people were taken to the hospital and treated for cuts and bruises. The shift from peaceful crowd management to violent suppression measures occurred with little to no warning and with very... (more)

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Illegal Aliens Are Illegal Aliens, Period, Part II

By D. E. Carson, published on May 2, 2007

...the law. Nevermind that in September 2005, Humane Borders received $25,000 in US taxpayer funds from the city of Pima, Arizona to erect water tanks from which illegal aliens can obtain water while crossing the desert. Humane Borders has reported that vandals are dumping, vandalizing and shooting these tanks – an indication that Americans are becoming fed up with the illegal alien problem[1]. After having visited the Humane Borders website (figure it out for yourself), I have determined that this is an organization deeply misguided by a faulty sense of compassion. They are... (more)

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Illinois Penal Code Section 17.2 - Creative Writing

By Glenn T, published on Apr 27, 2007

...who need a haircut and a "real job." I'm a corporate attorney, for goodness' sake. I'm not constantly on the lookout for the Thought Police, and I don't think we're a nation on the brink. I have spent the last week reading editorials and op-eds about our overreaction to the Virginia Tech shootings. (Note: I did not call it the "Virginia Tech Massacre" – we're about 10 years of genocide short of that designation; look up "Darfur" on the Wikipedia if you're still confused) I have been sending these editorials to friends – who are busy forwarding on tribute chain e-mails... (more)

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Oden Goes for the Pros

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 26, 2007

...champion Florida 84-75 this month. After getting a late start at Ohio State because of a wrist injury, Oden, 19, lived up to his billing as a two-time national high school player of the year, leading the Buckeyes in scoring (15.7) and rebounding (9.6) per game and topping the Big Ten in shooting percentage (.616). His best game may have been his last one, when he scored 25 points and had 12 rebounds while dominating the inside against Al Horford and Joakim Noah of Florida. Oden had surgery on his right (shooting) wrist to reattach ligaments last June 16. He worked out with the team... (more)

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Why They Shoot

By Jessamyn Cuneo, published on Apr 25, 2007

...The fear of people in trench coats still exists today. Everyone saw the Bowling for Columbine Michael Moore documentary. The fact that in the recent months, we saw more media response and had more conversations about the death of Anna Nicole Smith is pretty sobering. The more that these shootings happen, the less it seems that we understand them, and the more we want to avoid the subject. The subject of many articles in the news is motive. The authorities are still looking for Cho’s reason for doing what he did. They’re searching hard for the answers as to why he... (more)

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Campus Shootings Stimulates Debates

By Credo, published on Apr 19, 2007

The campus shooting in the Virginia Tech University has once again raised questions about gun control. A number of US citizens are especially taking issue with the views of Kiwis in this debate and some are strongly justifying their "right to bear arms." A gunman opened fire Monday, killing 32 people in what is known as the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history. Although this massacre ended when the gunman committed suicide the tragedy had just begun for the victim’s families and loved ones who now have to struggle with the knowledge that they may never see their friend, son, or daughter... (more)

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Breaking News: Virginia Tech shootings worst in U.S. history

By Josh Marks, published on Apr 16, 2007

A gunman opened fire early this morning on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, killing at least 32 and injuring at least two dozen. The shooter was among those killed in the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. "Today the university was struck with a tragedy that we consider of monumental proportions," Virginia Tech president Charles Steger said at the news conference. "The university is shocked and indeed horrified that this would befall us." President Bush was expected to make a statement about the tragedy later today. Virginia Tech was founded in 1872 and is the largest... (more)

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A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

By Amo, published on Mar 26, 2007

...“is the war in Iraq a courageous act of preserving the principles and ideals of a nation” or “a random act of violence”, and how should we then be remembered? As a nation that shed its own blood to preserve the freedoms of all men, or as a nation of storm troopers shooting into a crowd of young idealists, on a college campus. I for one truly believe that we’re a flawed, yet courageous and principled nation, a nation of unsung heroes. Quick to respond to any crises around the world, magnanimous in our generosity, and resolute in our desire to preserve... (more)

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Shooting in Pittsburg

By newchickineastbay, published on Mar 18, 2007

On Thursday morning around 8 am three shots were fired in front of El Dorado Apartments. A black man was injured. His condition at this time is unknown. Police were on the scene shortly. The fire department was on the scene about 15 minutes later. The problem was the most vital first responder took between 20 and 30 minutes to arrive onlookers stated. "Even when they got hear, the guy was on the ground for another 15 minutes before they put him into the ambulance," they also said. "This community needs first responders to be on time, this is about safety and I pay my taxes," and... (more)

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Illegal Immigrants, The Other Side of The Centavo

By Steven Lane, published on Mar 8, 2007

We just starting "shooting the shit" about why he came here, what he had hoped to accomplish and whether he felt he completed his tasks. In the midst, of this simple conversation, I suddenly found myself totally enthralled with details and questions. "HOW DID YOU GET HERE?", I asked. "OH, I PAID A COYOTE $1800 IN SAN LUIS, MEXICO TO TAKE ME ACROSS THE RIVER INTO ARIZONA, He responded. Mauro told me about how it was about a 30 minute walk, as they crossed the Rio Colorado to the waiting car that took them to a public bus to San Diego. Once in San Diego, the tale got a little murky, but included... (more)

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