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Professional Law Enforcement Vs. Joe Horn

By Credo, published on Dec 25, 2007

...The other side of the argument is that Joe went way over the line as far as premeditated murder. That he should have listened to the 911 dispatcher who said "Property's not worth killing someone over. OK? Don't go out the house. Don't be shooting nobody." Joe says early on "I'm gonna kill 'em." So is he wrong to go outside given that he already knew the outcome of that situation? Or was he in the right because he rightly feared that his safety was at risk? The tape is ripe with evidence to support both sides of the debate on whether ... (more)

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For A Mother's Love

By Credo, published on Dec 12, 2007

...and that is a mother’s love. Without it (a mother’s love) we can be assured of a world that has no leaders who love, rather who have a tendency to rob, incriminate the innocent, and murder them through the use of wars without just cause. So far we have seen the tragedy of kids shooting kids, killing teachers, and the eruption of world conflict throughout the ages, none of it makes any sense. In awe we watch our civilization vanish right before our eyes, the legal structures that once made this country semi-stable has crumbled under the weight of a corrupt government, and... (more)

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Blackwater: Fallujah Deaths Unavoidable

By Chris Jones, published on Oct 24, 2007

...and the U.S. military. As tragic as that is, Iraq is a war zone and that sometimes happens in war zones. While the safety of Iraqi civilians is important, the safety of our personnel is even more important. I don’t expect a Blackwater contractor to wait until he gets shot, before shooting back. The media coverage of Blackwater has been grossly inaccurate and completely ridiculous. Smearing Blackwater is just another way for liberal cowards in the media and the Congress to try and damage the Bush administration. When visiting Iraq in the future, I’m calling on Democrats ... (more)

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Out of Touch or...

By freak4president, published on Oct 19, 2007

...(good at it, aren't I?)....What I'm really afraid of are these children whose parent let them have nothing but pong or brick attack or whatever the hell that's called. Imagine being in a situation where you're being shot at and you and him are pinned behind some cover and your assailants are shooting from behind a brick wall and this sloping forehead-having, slack-jawed moron says, 'I'll get us out of this, man', and pulls from his bag a bunch of tennis balls and throw them honestly expecting them to bust through. Now that.....THAT is truly scary, someone completely out of touch with what ... (more)

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Talking to an Old Cub: My Interview with Ed Mayer

By Ed Attanasio, published on Oct 19, 2007 It was never a big deal. And so I grabbed Wilson by the shoulders, and I turned him around and pushed him back on that bus. I told him that I would buy him the Coke. And I bought two Cokes and gave him one. The sad thing is that that guy with the rifle probably could have gotten away with shooting him and then said that he had done something to him, because that’s what was going on down in the South back then. I saw racism a lot in baseball, even against me, because I’m Jewish. When I was at spring training with the Cubs, I was told that I couldn’t go into a place... (more)

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I have seen enough!

By baynurse, published on Oct 10, 2007

... of abortion put in trash cans to be emptied along with other biological garbage. I have seen lice and scabies infested men and women who live alone on the streets with very little or nothing of their own who are over seventy years old. I have seen women with so many abscesses and scars from shooting drugs continuously into their scared impenetrable veins come in to get wounds cared for so they can go back and sell their body and sex for money to buy more drugs to avoid getting sick from withdrawal. I have loved and respected people with nothing in their lives but kindness to others which ... (more)

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L.A. Peeps: Meet Norma Jean, Comedienne

By M.J. Hamada, published on Oct 1, 2007

... things happen to me in L.A. Some people think there's no opportunity for women, but I believe there definitely is. I'd like to think I have something to do with that, because I'm able to produce my own shows and everything. With it being so saturated, though, it's tough here because everyone's shooting for the prize. And only a certain number of us will get the prize. I've found you don't have to be super funny to get on major networks, but you've got to have "it." If you don't have "it," you're not gonna get on Comedy Central, for example. MJ: What to you is "it"? NORMA JEAN: If you... (more)

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El Segundian Hot Rod Sub-culture

By VeroniqueChevalier, published on Sep 20, 2007

...giant painted metal, long-necked, bloodshot eyeball on wheels. A modified propane camp stove was seamlessly and unobtrusively incorporated into the sculpture's base, and as gallery owner Mark Waldman dimmed the lights, the artist gave the crowd a dramatic demonstration of his creation's flame-shooting capabilities. Whoever becomes the proud owner of this portable inferno will definitely have the distinction of possessing the fanciest barbeque starter on his block! Another notably fierce entry in the gallery was by internationally renowned celebrity photographer Justice Howard, who is as... (more)

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3:10 To Yuma

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 17, 2007

...all look as if they’re actually inhabiting the period they’re supposed to be living in. The problem with a lot of recent Westerns I’ve seen is that they’re miscast and the actors look as if they’re playing dress up. Not here. And three is the location shooting. 3:10 TO YUMA was filmed in New Mexico and it looks absolutely terrific. It has the look of vintage 1950’s/1960’s Westerns. The relationship between Dan Evans and Ben Wade is at the heart of this movie and both Christian Bale and Russell Crowe do splendid jobs of acting.... (more)

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Rosa Brooks Would You please just shut up

By sanity check, published on Aug 4, 2007

...has no redeeming social content and one has to truly question the motives of someone who would write such a piece. Obviously, Ms. Brooks is first and foremost bitching about the low regard that most Americans hold for the legal profession and media, they don’t pass out medals for shooting your mouth off. But on second reading, perhaps the article does have a subtle, sinister purpose. Perhaps Ms. Brooks’ real intent is to discredit U.S. Service people. It’s a simple matter and one the anti-war movement used in Vietnam. The concept is simple: wars are fought by... (more)

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