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Shark Bites Surfer in Half

By Anastasia , published on Jul 15, 2012 is officially closed that has not stopped people going in to the water. “There was a lone surfer out there this morning…people that love the water and love waves, that’s what they live for, they weigh up the risks,” Tony Cappelluti of the Fisheries Department said.

Comment is superfluous in the face of such tragedy, though I think it only right to say that there are some risks simply not worth taking, or if people are prepared to take them the sharks themselves should not suffer the consequences of their foolhardiness. Jaws-style hysteria seems wholly out of place.


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Jaws without the Shark

By Anastasia , published on Jun 20, 2011

...shark; six years after a great white and now an oceanic whitetip, a versatile beast if ever there was one.

The trouble is, you see, these creatures are not quite as hardy as the town’s sea bathers, preferring altogether more temperate waters than those around chilly St Ives. We do get sharks in English waters, most commonly the utterly harmless basking shark, almost certainly destined to take on a more monstrous appearance.

Meanwhile Mr Bullus, the fisherman, is not to be found, having apparently gone on ‘holiday’ to escape the barbed humour of his colleagues. He may... (more)

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