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The Perfect Person

By DKIdea, published on May 6, 2014

The perfect person. Do you think such a person really exists? I’m not talking from a religious point of view (I’m sure Jesus Christ was the first thought for many) but from the point of view that you look at someone and think…"wow, that’s perfection."

An obvious response to that question from men would probably be every time a Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition is available, or from women perhaps the People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive…but how often does that happen in everyday life with real people? How often does that reaction happen while you’re shopping, or getting gas, or out getting... (more)

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You are loved. You are beautiful. You belong. You are a Goddess.

By LifeCherries, published on Sep 7, 2013 this woman has in the past and can identify with so many of her feelings. It has helped me to embrace my body and accept it for what it is. I no longer look in the mirror and see a dreary middle aged woman, mother of 4. I see one of the most beautiful woman on the planet with the most sexy curves you can imagine.

I thought I would share some of these words with you. I urge you to please send this out to every woman you know. Being sexy or beautiful has nothing to do looks. It has to do with a mindset and how you feel about yourself. So embrace your inner beauty!

... (more)

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By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Apr 15, 2012

...women are now gluing feather’s and fur to their waxed kitties! -and i’m not talking about the ones with the cute little ears and tails! Nop, it’s their cooters, slits, tacos, pootangs, beavers, hoo-has… well I’m guessing you get the point by now. So i have to question: Is this even sexy?! Why have fuzzies on your crotch or even feathers? For that, you just grow your own – or am i wrong? What if you’re super ticklish or allergic? What then?! – i would pay to see the reaction on any guy’s face that sees it for the first time unexpectedly. Not only that but I would pay for ... (more)

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Trouser Mouse

By charlie nitric, published on Jun 16, 2011

I awoke to a flight attendant nudging at me, “Sir, we’ve landed in Miami. You can depart the plane now. Follow the other passengers over to baggage claim. Thank you for flying United,” she said with a smile. I grabbed my shoulder bag from the overhead storage and exited the plane. I still felt it around my right thigh. It wasn’t an annoying feeling. In fact, it kind of tickled. It was also a little itchy. No worries though. The beach babes await me.

I followed the queue towards our baggage claim area. As I walked down the corridor, I reflected upon the past 12 hours, trying to... (more)

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