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'Abstinence-Only' Sex Education – The Oxymoron

By Alethea, published on Feb 28, 2013

...and other public library portals. So, not only are they giving a skewed perspective of sexual health, but they are blocking the possibility of these teens actually educating themselves. Aside from the misinformation given, many programs intertwine the religious ideology that condemns homosexuality, masturbation, conception, and abortion. California and Louisiana currently are the only two states in which sex education cannot promote religion, while only seven other states have a general requirement that the sex education must be culturally appropriate and unbiased. Other general... (more)

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Divinity in Your Sexuality

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 14, 2012

In the universal truth of creation, sexuality has its own place. It matters, how it is looked upon. The loud cacophony of marooned expletives, on sexuality; constantly deletes my interest, to be a keen audience and I refuse to lend, my auditory senses. Permit me to say that, I have always enlivened sexuality wrapped in mysticism. All that is concealed is not revealed, if magic of sensuality fails to elicit the attention, instinctively. All that is revealed, if not in consonance with magical sensitivity of attention, and then in that case too, the rhetoric of sexual postures would leave... (more)

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Is It Love or Infatuation?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jul 11, 2012

The question above is one we’ve all asked ourselves while making that occasional, sizzling eye contact. And it’s also the oldest both men and women have contemplated every time their heart skips that irreversible beat. God made us equipped to love another, to share that certain bond we feel with no one else. But is it love we have while stroking the others hand, or simply an infatuation, a physical response that goes no further than living in the moment when it happens?

Let’s start with some definitions:

Love is a strong feeling for another which lasts through time, and... (more)

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Mighty Warriors of Weakness

By Thom Hunter, published on Mar 13, 2012

...we retreat. We ask; we close our hearts. We cry out; we pull the pillows round our heads. We want this; we demand that. We silently surrender; we rage in full rebellion. We know the truth that sets us free; we're free to set the truth we want to see.

When it comes to the issues of homosexuality and broken sexuality in general, we've learned more; we've shared more; we've been told more and we've argued more and evermore, but we're no more closer to standing on a victory peak and pounding on our chests proclaiming victory in a mighty roar of freedom than we were when we first... (more)

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Remember Who You Are

By Thom Hunter, published on Feb 22, 2012

God is not human, that he should lie,

not a human being, that he should change his mind.

Does he speak and then not act?

Does he promise and not fulfill?

-- Numbers 23:19







Rinse and repeat?

For too many people, life has become an extended game of playground freeze tag. There they stand, scattered around like trees in winter, fixed and flash-frozen either as they have been proclaimed to be by someone more righteous, or as they in their brokenness project themselves to be,... (more)

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Spiritual Abuse: Darkness You Can Feel

By Thom Hunter, published on Feb 3, 2012

...disappointing to my children, deceptive to my friends and brothers and sisters, unrepresentative of my faith, distrusting of Christ's strength in me, deafened to the Holy Spirit, going my own way, seemingly hopelessly tied to a pursuit of satisfaction through same-sex sexual activity. Homosexuality was an unwelcome, controlling and consuming part of my life -- though craftily hidden -- despite the fact that I had a wonderful wife, five beautiful children, a great career and was involved -- with as much sincerity as can be mustered with the presence of an invading dark side -- in church... (more)

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The Counterfeit Compassion of Culture

By Thom Hunter, published on Jan 31, 2012

“Where is God? ...Go to Him when your need is desperate, when all other help is vain, and what do you find? A door slammed in your face, and a sound of bolting and double-bolting on the inside. After that, silence.”– C.S. Lewis, after the death of his wife.

God is omni-present; but it seems every now and then He is omni-absent. The sign on the door says "Gone Fishing," the lights are out, the doorbell dings in an empty room, the No Vacancy sign is on . . . drive on down the road . . . alone. Yes, I know that is not true; He never leaves me; He never leaves you. He’s right there.

... (more)

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And Still We Try to Reason Why

By Thom Hunter, published on Jan 29, 2012

It’s okay to question why.

It’s okay to even cry.

Don’t ever hesitate to try.

God will answer; He won’t lie.

There’s no answer He won’t know.

There’s no place He will not go.

There’s no path He will not show.

God will answer; He loves you so.

No question lies within your mind.

That God cannot in love unwind.

That’s how we’ve all been so designed.

To seek from Him what we can’t find.

In His answers lies our peace.

In His words, we find release.

Our search can end, our troubles cease.

It all... (more)

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What Should We Do About Doubt?

By Thom Hunter, published on Jan 11, 2012

...a self-assuredness that begs you to doubt anything but what they say. If they’re on the side of truth, your doubts are eased; if not, they’re doubled and your doubt will double-back on you.

The arguments are pretty loud these days, preying on the doubts of those who struggle with sexuality. The gay community says you are wrong to have any doubts at all as to whether God intended you to embrace homosexuality and dance freely in your self-definition. The church will have you doubting your very salvation if your dalliance with decadence does not diminish overnight as soon as they... (more)

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sexuality:malignant vice turning into benign inevitability

By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 13, 2011

... the things for my understanding. My intention is not at all to cause aspersions over the great work of these scholars. I respect them.

I need to know the answer. To substantiate my knowledge and also out of curiosity I took recourse in ancient literature and sculptures to understand the sexuality. And as I did; my peripheral observations transited my anxiety from academic research and plunged me into the wrapped moments of history. The voyage from the present day into the obscure chapters of our history tantalized me further and I accepted the deviation to gain more from the ancient... (more)

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