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After Getting Laid Last Friday, I Realize, No Big Deal...

By Geoffrey A. Citron, published on Sep 20, 2008

...endless hours of pelvis bumping if the partner is someone truly special. But this of course means dropping ‘The L Bomb': Love. And I don't mean telling your partner you love them just to get into the sack... I'm talking about the real thing. If the two bedmates are truly in love and the act of sex becomes a way of sharing something special together - where the respected partners know every inch of one another and love every inch at the same time - this kind of fireplace-fucking we only see on television or read about in novels, I can dig that. Matter of fact, someday in the far future... (more)

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Church In A Bar, Sermons On Gay Civil Rights

By Lumiere, published on Sep 18, 2008

...crawl because I knew something was terribly wrong. From my own personal recollection, the first man who ever molested me as a child at the age of five, was a Minister of a Church. Not only was he a minister but he was married with a wife and children. In fact, all of them were straight, heterosexual men. The irony of the pastors statement for me was that my mother worked in a hair salon full of gay men and women. Not one of them ever touched me or handled me in an inappropriate manner. If anything, they were kind, supportive and protective of of my mother and myself.

As I grew up ... (more)

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Dear Gentleman Dressed In Full Camouflage At Wal-mart...

By Shawn Norris, published on Sep 18, 2008 ample young lady down at the local drinking establishment. That is impressive! Bagging two hogs in one day must be some sort of personal best for you. And you say she had a Harley tattoo? I’m sorry, it was where? Well my good man, it’s difficult to find a paradigm of the finer sex that's lovely as she sounds. As your counterpart so aptly stated, “That there is a keeper” indeed. That my dear friend is someone you could tussle with until a constable arrived and would still keep the wheels on your mobile castle polished long after you made bail. I bet she... (more)

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“the Business Of Purity Rings”

By Lila M., published on Sep 11, 2008

...guy. Most often, the teens get forced into marrying each other and it doesn’t work out, etc. In her case it was a mess, both children do not know she is their mother and are being taken care of by her family members (too long of a story). Anyways, the point is that the peer pressure of sex is bad enough, we really don’t need some idiot ex-heroin addict host making fun of teenagers who are actually making the choice not to give in.

Whether purity rings are just a trend or not, the business of purity rings is uplifting when you hear negative things like teen... (more)

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Love & Sex

By DLFerguson, published on Aug 28, 2008

...But I’ll be upfront here; the leads are played by Famke Janssen and Jon Favreau. Famke Janssen is memorable for two roles. She was one of James Bond’s more memorable villains; the beautiful Xenia Onatopp who delighted in squeezing men to death between her thighs while having sex. And she played the telepath/telekinetic mutant superhero Jean Gray in the “X-Men” movies. Jon Favreau has made quite the reputation for himself as a dependable and extremely talented actor/director. Everybody knows him from his roles in “Swingers” and... (more)

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Sexy Time?

By Justin, published on Aug 13, 2008

My mind has been cluttered of rage and testosterone. An excellent mixture for some, many even, but for me, it just does not click. I have been fighting with myself, and as most of you know, this is probably the hardest battle of all. Sex! I see it everywhere, under a bus, on a shoe, through the grape vines, I feel it, want it, but then the next moment do not want sex. Why? I’m asking you.

I have made a pact with myself to hold out until it’s someone that respects me, and I them. Though, is it really that necessary, or am I blowing this out of the water; pardon the pun. I wish I could... (more)

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Kathy Hilton Offended By Mccain

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 3, 2008

...Kathy Hilton, the mother of Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton is offended by John McCain's use of her daughter's likeness in a campaign ad comparing her daughter and Brittney Spears to Barack Obama in terms of over-the-top popularity and outlandish public display.

Yet when the Paris Hilton sex tape made its way to the Internet, Kathy said nothing.  Yet when Paris was first picked up for DUI, Kathy said nothing.  Yet when Paris was again picked up for DUI, Kathy said nothing.  Yet when Paris was dragged off to jail by LA County Sheriff's deputies, Kathy said nothing.

Oh,... (more)

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By DLFerguson, published on Jul 28, 2008

...have to think about too much. And it’s fun. It’s the sort of movie that your friends are going to be asking if you have it in your video library a year from now when they come over to your house/apartment to hang out. It would make a good double feature with “The Assassination Bureau” as it shares a lot of the same themes with that movie. Enjoy.

110 Minutes

Rated: R: and it deserves it. There’s a lot of raw language and violence in this one. As well as two explicit sex scenes.


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Polygamy Vs. Ethical Slut

By baynurse, published on Jul 24, 2008

...victim of such deceit. My next conclusion, is that if someone is that good in life, or in bed, why should there be a limit on how many people they can be with, it takes a villiage to raise a child, why not a villiage to create diversity and happiness,we are meant to be happy, intimacy, love, and sex are ways to express that happiness. why limit yourself? Those of you who ascribe to a religious belief that excludes you from freely expressing a true expression of yourself with a fellow adult of the consenting age and same desire, well, good onya, more for those who rather be truthful about... (more)

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Marriage Schmarriage Gay Or Het

By baynurse, published on Jul 21, 2008

...or whom I sleep with, or whom I want in my life, my home, my bed, my space. nor the church's permission or blessing. I don't need to be married, belong to , or completed by anyone. I am whole, perfectly happy, and self reliant.

I do love many people, I do enjoy companionship, I do enjoy sex with the right and capable person, who comes to me whole and happy in themselves. As for marriage, it just makes things complicated, and takes a matter of the heart and mind to a level I rather not involve, the laws, the government, the church, family In-law.

I rather chose who I want in ... (more)

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