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The World According To Garp

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 30, 2009

...also doesn’t sit well with his mother. It’s because she doesn’t believe men can have any emotion other than lust. Jenny’s willing to go so far as to hire a hooker (Swoosie Kurtz) for Garp even though she confesses she doesn’t understand this whole business of sex but she’s highly intrigued about the subject and the role of women as sexual beings in a male dominated society.

In fact, Jenny’s so intrigued she writes a manifesto about the subject which goes on to be a best seller. This is ironic because Garp has had dreams of being... (more)

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The Road To Happiness

By Glenn T, published on Sep 23, 2009 and cry myself to sleep. Wrong. In fact, I always dance like there is someone watching; the more people that are watching, the better.For reference, I was a pretty shy kid. Now, I wasn’t a quiet kid by any stretch of the imagination – but I was about as comfortable around the opposite sex as though they were heavily armed and I were painted in bulls-eyes. The thought of actually striking up a conversation with a girl I was attracted to made me anxious the point of physical illness, and I spent the majority of my youth so physically non-descript that even if I had immolated myself ... (more)

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Let's Hear It For The Boy

By Glenn T, published on Sep 8, 2009

...about this platoon of pretty girls is not that they exist in such large numbers but that they continue to exist – especially in this enlightened age of empowered and educated women. The only plausible explanation for this behavior flies in the face of conventional wisdom regarding the sexes. At first, I thought it might be attributable to the exorbitant salaries paid to modern professional athletes. Even mediocre players in the major professional sports are multi-millionaires and the allure of moneyed men is a concept as old as money itself. But the traditional gold-digger is... (more)

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By Seema Upadhyay, published on Sep 3, 2009


A: There are no laws in India. But there should be laws which should be in interest of the genetic parents as well as the surrogate woman’s interest and also the child.

Q: There is some reports which say that a surrogate who has had male children in past can give birth to homosexual baby; is it true?

A: No it is not true.

Q: What about lesbians and homosexual couples opting for surrogacy?

A: There are many doctors world over who help homosexual couple and there is nothing wrong in helping them as they are also humans. But I don’t help them ... (more)

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Literally Speaking With Authors Of Football Is For Lovers

By boomergirl, published on Sep 1, 2009 you plenty of ideas on the subject that you can put to good use. Some of them include M&Ms. And whipped cream. Hey, all that football-stimulated excitement can make you hungry.

What’s the worse thing that could happen to me if I started liking football more than sex?

Robert/Kathleen: Aside from the fact that we'd worry about you, we find ourselves wondering about the possible thought behind the question. Could it be that your average 'football widow' suspects that's what's already happened? As you so nicely put it, " . . . all your boy toy... (more)

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Anything You Can Douche, I Can Douche Better

By Glenn T, published on Aug 31, 2009

... of the Persian and Armenian guys I've met. Because just as one tool recognizes the errors of his ways, buttons up his shirt, takes off his jewelry and turns his car stereo down, another will take his place; under the same misguided delusion that such behavior is all that's standing in between him and a life of perpetually available sex with supermodels. No, it's going to take a nation of us to stand up; to continue to rage against this rising tide of overgroomed and undersmart scrotes, to finally point and laugh and yell: "What the hell are you wearing?"Or just one of us to sweep the leg.


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Mi Vida Loca In Brooklyn

By Ava Marie, published on Aug 13, 2009

...speak a little more Spanish and not only observe but live the way another people in the city live. Even with language barriers, we are all able to come together, live harmoniously and really share and connect as humans. To me, Brooklyn iswhere life is real. There's no resemblance of HBO's Sex and the City. In the many different boroughs of Brooklyn is where you find authentic culture. I would have never known or experienced this had I not lived in this neighborhood. I have gained an appreciation for my neighbors in a way that I never thought I would. In fact, many interesting people... (more)

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Levi Blues

By Glenn T, published on Jul 21, 2009 play college hockey anywhere), hunting moose and working as a carpenter, you wouldn't need to see a picture of him. Because he is exactly that guy. So to review, Levi Johnston is famous for being the useless, wanna-be bad boy cum carpenter who was ignorant enough to have unprotected sex with the Governor's daughter. Oh hey, this just in, his engagement to young Bristol fell apart. Wow. That's the biggest surprise since the sun came up this morning. Right, well if that's not enough for you, it gets better... or worse, depending on your point of view. Big, hunky Levi has done ... (more)

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The Night No One Talked About Real Estate

By alan handwerger, published on Jul 17, 2009


The conversation. It had everything to do with our conversation. What, then, did we discuss that found me leaving the table at the end of the evening with profound feelings of bonhomie and well-being? Well, let’s see.

We talked about British army officers having sex with camels; and about how our parents met. Hemingway’s house in Key West came up, as did African birthing chairs and the fact that Roald Dahl had named one of his characters the name of a medication for warts that he’d found in his medicine cabinet.

I contributed... (more)

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On Michael Jackson's Death

By DLFerguson, published on Jun 25, 2009

...remember going to a "Thriller" party when the mini-film directed by John Landis debuted on MTV. This was back in the day when music videos were truly events and the debut of a Michael Jackson video on MTV was something you took off work from, you postponed any appointment, you put off sex for, you simply just stopped whatever you were doing because it was Michael Jackson.I don't usually get upset when I hear about the death of a celebrity. Generally because they're so far removed from my reality I just say 'meh' and go on about about my business.But not Michael Jackson.I grew ... (more)

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