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Paper Thin

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 16, 2006

...have to look? And finally, to those in control of the Hollywood cookie-cutter-movie machine, why are you so careless with your actresses? Is it some kind of power trip that you can make or break a star based solely on how thin she is willing to make her body for you? Or is it some messed up sexual fantasy that you are forcing on these women just so you can “relieve” yourself? The general public seems to think that there is some law somewhere that requires it to stand in line like lemmings to go see a movie starring some female who is so thin she cannot be seen when she... (more)

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First Challenge to Jessica’s Law

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 9, 2006

It hasn’t been a full 48 hours since the votes were tallied and already there is a challenge to California’s new sexual predator law, known as Jessica’s Law. An unnamed registered sex offender has filed a complaint about the new sexual predator law in California and already a judge has issued an injunction to stop the law from going into effect. The offender contends that the law is unfair because, according to the law, he has to wear a GPS bracelet for the rest of his life. His argument is that he has already paid his debt to society and therefore he should be exempt from the law because... (more)

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It's Time for a (Sexual) Revolution

By ZenGrrrl, published on Nov 1, 2006

Sex is not divine, or sick, or dirty, or evil, or sacred. It's human. It is the act that human beings are hard-wired to desire and, in many cultures (especially American), are taught to not talk about. What forces are shaping us when a woman can send an electronic message across the globe in five seconds, but she can't tell her partner that she has never had an orgasm? Our culture perpetuates more dysfunction around sex than any other part of the human condition. The media images that we are surrounded by provide all the titillation we could ever ask for—with zero guidance on how to respond... (more)

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Piercings Begone!

By quinne anderson, published on Oct 21, 2006

...have to go and hang Christmas decorations on it? Or worse yet, the chubby girl with the belly ring, who loves to show it off, and has no idea that her abdomen is spilling forth over the lip of her too-tight jeans. I shudder to think. Then there are those, of course, who get piercings in their sexual organs. Maybe that has something to do with mommy or daddy and their lack of childhood involvement. I don't know. Once again, I may be a stick-in-the-mud. But I much prefer a cock and a tongue in my clit than a cold nub of steel. Or the Prince Albert, shaft through shaft... You know,... (more)

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Liberal and Christian... Whaaaa?

By Thomas T., published on Oct 20, 2006

...for the middle and lower classes. - Legislated protection of individual's rights to free speech, free expression, free worship and free association - Enforcement of individual rights to equal treatment, regardless of race, religious affiliation, creed, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual preference or any other socially distinguishing characteristic. This includes full rights for individuals to enter into marriage as protected by the law with any individual of any gender of their choosing. - Reasonable control of the right to carry firearms - Legalization and regulation of... (more)

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Skid Rowe

By Spirit Knecht, published on Oct 18, 2006

...get addicted isn't it? We just want to experience pure bliss. Some sweat in a heated room stretching the toxins outta them to experiece bliss and others by rock cocaine. I mean come on, many of us have an addiction of some kind, diet coke, coffee, sugar, booze, "drugs", pills,the gym, sex the list really goes on and on. I mean anything that you can't get enough of Love maybe, and you are completely outta balance to get it. That's an addiction, so stop judging, speaking of Oprah and her continued "battle" with the "bulge". We all have demons to deal with. I was working... (more)

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Nipple Slip ... of the Knife

By Hassassin, published on Oct 13, 2006

... Combine that with a lifestyle that leaves the Van Wilder star on more pavements than A-lists, and you can start to imagine where her body took a turn (also, you can probably guess where her self-proclaimed ‘fluctuation’ stems from). Reid even goes on to talk about the impact on her sex life, saying: "Guys I was dating would be like, 'What's wrong with them? They look really bad. You know, you should really get them fixed.' So embarrassing. I mean, you definitely need to turn off the lights, that's for sure." Just when you thought you couldn’t fit any more bad... (more)

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Texan Sex Toy Seller Busted

By Alethea, published on Oct 4, 2006

In El Paso Texas, an adult bookstore clerk was arrested after showing two undercover cops an "obscene item" (a penis shaped device) that he stated would "arouse" and "gratify" the undercover female. Currently, Texas legislation holds that selling or promoting any obscene device ("a device including a dildo or artificial vagina, designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs.") is illegal. Specifically, promotion is when someone "possesses with intent to wholesale promote any obscene material or obscene device. A person who possesses six or more obscene... (more)

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Miss Bliss Would be so Proud!

By C. Reagan, published on Sep 30, 2006 I brewed coffee and read some mind-numbing articles about Skid Row. Then, the nightmare began. It came gently at first, in the form of a teaser by Seacrest himself around 9:45 am. By 10:00, the world as we knew it changed....for the worse. 3 Words will sum up this fateful day: Screech. Sex. & Tape. The NY Daily News reported today that a 40-minute "sex-tape" will star Dustin Diamond, AKA Screech Powers and 2 un-named females. The trio are said to engage in a "Dirty Sanchez" scene that will be sure to make waves with The Christian Coalition. David Hans Schmidt who is apparenlty... (more)

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Homeless on Skid Row: Is it a Lost Cause?

By C. Reagan, published on Sep 30, 2006

...However, males do represent the majority of the “single population”, taking up around three-quarters of the general populous. Also, studies do prove that 80% of the homeless on LA’s Skid Row are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or a combination of the two. Mental illness and Sexual Deviance is also abundantly present. The LAPD has found that the drug of choice of Rowers is Crack-Cocaine with Heroin coming in as the second favorite narcotic. There is no need to seek out a dealer on Skid Row. In this neighborhood drug dealers commute in daily to bring the merchandise... (more)

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