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An Inconvenient Wait : Gore-Clinton in '08

By P. Silva, published on May 23, 2007

...time around. Do us all a solid and take back what was rightfully yours in the first place! Ease Hillary into the captain's chair and offer her the co-pilot's seat. Why even gamble with the closed minded mentality of voters from yesteryear who potentially won't see beyond the flesh? It would truly suck if the focal point of the next election was clouded by the "are we ready" mind-set. We need to focus on cleaning up this mess, not the sex, race or creed of our leaders. Let's wage another Gore-Clinton victory! It was a pretty good one-two punch the first time around. A guy can dream, can't he? (more)

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2007 and TOM MIX just rode into town!

By Steven Lane, published on May 17, 2007

... said, "That's just plain rude." They "got it" and he was allowed to keep his hat on and wasn't bothered by anyone the entire night. "You just don't never ask a man from Montana to take his hat off, it ain't right. DISNEYLAND Loved every minute of it, his favorite was "Pirates of the Carrabean." SEX The first time he got laid here, he was reading cowboy poety and got picked up by a 32 year old that was actually a 52 year old. COWBOY POETRY "Never look up at a bird" "Never squat with your spurs on." "Never drink downstream from the herd." MUSINGS BY JIM ABOUT DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MONTANA... (more)

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Whitney and Binny? Who Knew?

By Ed Attanasio, published on May 14, 2007

...British newspaper, The Daily Mail: “Terror mastermind Osama bin Laden is so obsessed with singer Whitney Houston he thought about killing her husband, Bobby Brown, it was claimed last night. The suggestion is made by Sudanese poet and novelist Kola Boof, who claims she was bin Laden's sex slave for four months 10 years ago. In her autobiography, Diary of a Lost Girl, she writes: "He told me Whitney Houston was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen." Boof, 37, who claims bin Laden raped her and held her prisoner in a Moroccan hotel, says he could not stop talking about the... (more)

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Illinois Penal Code Section 17.2 - Creative Writing

By Glenn T, published on Apr 27, 2007

...Chicago has had it share of racially divisive conflicts. Oh no, like many other young men at seventeen, he was just being stupid – testing the boundaries, being annoying… being a teenager. The quote they gave as the most sensational of the offending language was: "Blood, sex and booze. Drugs, drugs, drugs are fun. Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, s...t...a...b...puke. So I had this dream last night where I went into a building, pulled out two P90s and started shooting everyone, then had sex with the dead bodies. Well, not really, but it would be funny if I did."... (more)

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San Mateo Sheriff Massages the Truth

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 26, 2007

...He admits he was there, but says it was only for a back rub. He also claims he thought the place was operating legally. Munks and San Mateo Under Sheriff Carlos Bolanos were detained and questioned Saturday night by Las Vegas police in Operation Dollhouse, a raid on more than a handful of sex houses located about two miles west of the Las Vegas strip, according to Las Vegas Police Department Officer Bill Cassell. The two men were not arrested or charged in the raid, Cassell said. In fact, not one of the brothel's alleged customers was detained or charged. The target of the raid was ... (more)

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Why The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Apr 18, 2007

... same reason that I don't care for Stern...I don't find them funny. I don't think that mean spirited belittling verbal insults are the same as comedy nor no matter what their legion of fans will say-clever,witty,or edgy. In the case of Stern endless sophomoric ruminations on lesbians,cripples,odd sex,porn star has-beens peddling their best deep throat technique,their latest book or stupid,shallow,silly women who for the chance of being noticed for ten minutes will degrade themselves and be degraded for the sake of the "joke"is not clever anymore than fear factor is. I will say however that... (more)

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Yes, I've Heard The One About...

By RG Daniels, published on Apr 11, 2007

...In terms of stolen material I can’t act as an accurate (or objective) judge because I happen to witness first-hand how many topics and premises are used over and over by stand-up comedians. I once sat through a show where almost 60% of the performers had at least one joke about anal sex, one about rape, and one about American Idol. That doesn’t mean they weren’t funny, it just implies that there is no barometer for originality when it comes to stand-up (despite what most comedians believe). On the other hand, there are sitcoms. If ever there was a scale to see... (more)

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Welcome To The Grindhouse (children welcome!)

By Hunter Addams, published on Apr 10, 2007

...70's you had what were called "grindhouse" theaters, because they would "grind" out a regular slew of movies, almost non-stop from early morning to late-late-late night. Generally they were cheap and piss-poor films, little to no plot, and most of them centered around excessive violence, nudity, sex, and just about anything offensive and outright vile (we praise you, John Waters!) As a result of the PC boom in the 80's to early 90's, those theaters have become virtually non-existent. The Fair Theater in Elmhurst, Queens being the very last actual grindhouse theater in NYC (thanks a lot,... (more)

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The Bar Pick-Up

By C. Reagan, published on Apr 9, 2007

...Next, re-direct yourselves to the “Self-Help” section of Barnes and Noble and pray for a Disney Animated Musical scale miracle to dance into your life. For the realists left in the room, please take note: this piece is directed toward “the other team”, the homosexuals, the capital “G” Gays, the Queens. Further more, I will be focused solely on the male sex this time around. Why? “Write what you know” wins out over “write what you don’t know anything about”. Although I did have some uncomfortable experiences in... (more)

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Old Navy Joins The Tower

By Louisa, published on Apr 9, 2007

Recently, at my daughter’s downtown elementary school, P.S. 41, there was an expert-lead discussion for parents about children and sexuality. There in the packed auditorium, I learned that as a parent, it is my responsibility to guide my child through the tower of sexual images so overtly placed throughout society each day—from getting up in the morning and turning on the internet; to walking to school under billboards and in front of sexy storefronts; to passing magazine and newspaper covers; to watching prime time television shows, commercials, and the rest. It was suggested that if one... (more)

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