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Costumed Commandos of an Ever-Burgeoning Apocalypse

By Gary Schwind, published on Oct 20, 2007

...on that bright light heaven-y side, they’ve dealt with that. With Satan, it comes from the bowels. That makes sense. Describe your music for someone who’s never heard it. I would describe it as an evil amalgamation of metal, jazz, and funk. Mr. Bungle creating angry butt sex with Devo and Zappa. (a brief conversation with the bartender about the merits of Devo and Zappa ensues) You’ve got a disciple. There are many, sir. I’m sure there are. What was I describing? How to describe it to the layman? The layman would describe it as awesome,... (more)

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Out of Touch or...

By freak4president, published on Oct 19, 2007

...thing is releasing a teenager or anyone else off into a society that they are not ready for. Look at preacher daughters....(goodness knows I used to) on the average they are freaks for absolutely no reason, except that they had it pounded into them (no pun intended, although, very funny) that sex is bad and not to party and to be virtuous and then, once they get out around people, they lose their minds. YOU try peeling a preachers daughter off of you at their first party or any other event where you end up 'making out''s easier to talk a Muslim into having a pork chop. Then,... (more)

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Symmetrical Companions

By icanluvulongtime, published on Oct 16, 2007

...about symmetry and grace, but those guys have never dated ANYONE so I’m not buying that theory. No, it’s pretty much of an agreement to have someone decent to see and be seen with and it works for us both of us, so that’s why we do it. That and, they almost always have sex with you even if it turns out to be the kind that Bill Clinton claims “doesn’t really count”. During my model dating experiences I have discovered one peculiar thing, however. Models are NEVER where they want to be. They want a perfect body and if they think they are close... (more)

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I have seen enough!

By baynurse, published on Oct 10, 2007

...alone on the streets with very little or nothing of their own who are over seventy years old. I have seen women with so many abscesses and scars from shooting drugs continuously into their scared impenetrable veins come in to get wounds cared for so they can go back and sell their body and sex for money to buy more drugs to avoid getting sick from withdrawal. I have loved and respected people with nothing in their lives but kindness to others which they gave without hesitation. These people have shaped my life as it is today, I can’t give anymore, not in the same way. I am... (more)

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Who doesn’t like a good abstinence education funding program

By mara1423, published on Oct 9, 2007

What is sex? Does oral intercourse count as sex? Anal intercourse? How about hand jobs? You wouldn’t know the answers to any of these questions at least in the programs funded by the Bush administration. According to these programs you shouldn’t even know that sex exists! The Bush administration came up with an abstinence only program and as far as government issues are concerned, the Bush administration is great at getting things done. New York State has received about $3.5 million dollars a year from the federal government for abstinence programs since 1998. It is irrational... (more)

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"Pull the Pin" A wonderful return for The Stereophonics

By Geoffrey A. Citron, published on Oct 3, 2007

...films such as Paul Haggis' Crash and Paul McGuigan's remake of L'Appartment, Wicker Park – thus introducing The Stereophonics to a whole new market of listeners. Armed with an American fan-base, The Stereophonics took a stab at a more commercial sound with their 2005 release, "Language. Sex. Violence. Other?" The album was shunned by most fans as a cheap attempt to garner a larger fan-base through cheaping their sound to appease more commercial listeners. Although songs like "Superman" and "Dakota" proved to be hits with your casual listener, the overall tone of the album lacked... (more)

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L.A. Peeps: Meet Norma Jean, Comedienne

By M.J. Hamada, published on Oct 1, 2007

...NORMA JEAN: I was at some function, goofing around, and a woman friend took me aside and said: "You know, you'd make a great dominatrix." And I was like, "Huh?" But she'd been watching me and said: "You accept people the way they are. You're always giving your friends relationship and sex advice. You seem to know this stuff so naturally, you could probably help a lot of people with deep, dark secrets, like fetishes and stuff. You could do a counselor-dominatrix kind of thing." I thought she was crazy at first, but when somebody puts an idea in your head like that... All my life, ... (more)

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A Musical and Artist Explosion at Fais Do Do

By Kim, published on Oct 1, 2007

...emerged from the stage as one entered the room. The high ceilings and decor that reminded you of the decade when Rock, Rhythm & Blues, and jazz still prevailed. Battle of the bands is not the description I would give to the stage celebration at hand, instead A Rock Explosion that surpassed race, sex, age, and creed as musicians from geographical places across Los Angeles County joined to commerate and celebration on a Saturday night. There was anawesome array of 1960's Rock favorites to 1970's Old School blended superbly with down home Blues hints of Jazz, Funk, prose performed to awake... (more)

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Be Cool : Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 20, 2007

... how anybody wouldn’t watch BE COOL and just enjoy seeing him do his thing. The Wife likes to say about him that she doesn’t care what anybody says: there’s a black man inside of him trying to get out. I tell her that Being Cool is a state of being that transcends race, age, sex or classification. And John Travolta has that. He’s Cool personified. The same way that Steve McQueen, Pam Grier, James Coburn, Uma Thurman, Myrna Loy, Sean Connery, William Powell, Chow Yun Fat, Illeana Douglas, Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis and Robert Mitchum are Cool. I really... (more)

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Ok, I get it... he's rich

By Glenn T, published on Sep 18, 2007

... disapproving stare that we make the obligatory addendums: nice, smart, funny, good with kids, etc. This may not be the sort of answer that warms your heart, but it's honest, and we're too stupid to say otherwise. While I'm ready to admit that the fairer, more mature, tolerant and better smelling sex is clearly the evolutionary front-runner, I'm here to terminate the fictions surrounding the standard wish list that supposedly defines what women are looking for in a man. I've asked women about this hundreds of times, sometimes out of personal interest, others out of abject curiosity (the same ... (more)

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