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By C.V. Harris, published on Dec 21, 2007

...than I whom outwardly gave the appearance of being someone that I thought I wanted to pursue me. After spending a few weeks with him I realized that he was trying to live up to MY expectation of the type of man that I wanted as opposed to being the type of man he KNEW he already was. He had a sex life that I couldn't see myself being into (although I am game to try anything ONCE), he didn't have his own apartment (even though he was well into his thirties), he hadn't had a steady job in a few months and he hadn't taken care of certain financial responsibilities that I knew an accountable ... (more)

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By C.V. Harris, published on Dec 15, 2007

... do what we need to do. We've all heard how anything worthwhile takes effort to attain it, but are we willing to put in the work to make that "positive change" happen? People deposit crazy amounts of money into purchasing vehicles, throw money away on clothes, hair, nails, feet, teeth, contacts, sex, men, women, animals (I'm guilty of the contact one, in hazel might I add), and a host of other things we believe we can't live without, but talk about a person going to the gym is like asking most to agree to being hung by a toenail. I just don't get it! Most of you who read my blog know I can ... (more)

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For A Mother's Love

By Credo, published on Dec 12, 2007

...of the table in charge of the house, and family, with many of them going to work to support that life style. Obviously there is no time anymore for that special brand of love that only a mother can give to her children, the children as in devoice have lost both of their parents in a war of the sexes and the war on the criminalization of black men. You see I don’t believe that once upon a time during one summer in one afternoon all the black men that was in this nation just up and randomly decided to leave their homes, their wives and children just to go to prison or just to live a... (more)

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Bachelor ready to 'pull girls, with pimped out room'

By Aaron S., published on Nov 28, 2007

...complex I'll just gonna kill the guy, I will." said Martin DeBrown, who resides in unit 9. Gunnery remains unfazed. "You like this mood lighting? Here. Check out this couch. Sit in it. It's the perfect couch. Everyone loves it. We found it in an alleyway in Venice. My boy Tiger already had sex in it. With a girl." Explaining his strategy, Gunnery said he learned, through college, that women like clean, hygienic places. So, Gunnery has plans to employ a maid service once a month to "keep this shit under control." "I'm a pimp, and this is my Pimpdom. Girls gotta know that this... (more)

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Take This Job and Shove it, Jobs that just plain suck!

By Steven Lane, published on Nov 14, 2007

...looking up and at very sick buttholes" There isn't enough money in the world, proctology should be a sentence, decreed by a judge, not a career choice. Paul Katcher said it best, "It's like being at the ballpark, you're surrounded by assholes. Plus, no one wants to shake your hand at parties." SEX: This profession offers the ultimate "glass ceiling", advancement is severely limited, benefits are non-existent. There are no Ira's, or medical plans. There are no paid vacations. One might get cheated out of pay, beat up or even killed. The constant threat of arrest is on the menu along with... (more)

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La tempête Soutine souffle Place de la Madeleine

By Sandra Knafo, published on Nov 9, 2007

...première guerre mondiale. Ainsi, les personnages qui habitent ses tableaux semblent avoir atterri du ciel, dans un décor atemporel. "Le grotesque"son célèbre autoportrait aux traits déformés et caricaturaux, "La folle" au regard si touchant, ou encore "La jeune Polonaise" au sex-appeal immuable le prouvent. Soutine est avant tout un visionnaire qui laissa dans son sillage une fenêtre ouverte inspirant l'air de Bacon et de Pollack. La bouleversante et renversante période Céret révèle sa volonté destructive: Les Platanes croulent, ploient et... (more)

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Billy and Hillary and Eliot! Oh my!

By Amo, published on Nov 3, 2007

... that it should be done, but I certainly recognize what Governor Spitzer is trying to do”. For a moment, I thought I was back in the glory days of President Clinton, when he peered directly into the camera and with an earnest and pained look on his face declared that he didn’t have sex with “that woman”. However as talented as Hillary is in parceling words she’s no Bill Clinton. Incredibly when asked once again a day after the debate, she still was unable to give a clear “yes” or “no” answer, and the statement issued by her campaign ... (more)

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What Do You See?

By baynurse, published on Oct 31, 2007

...met? Would you like me any more or any less if I was light skinned, dark skinned, Asian, Mexican, Iranian, Native, Eskimo, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Bangladeshi, African, British, Russian, Jew? Would you judge me by who I love? How I love? How much I love? Who I am attracted to and if I have sex once, twice or a million times a year with one, two or several lovers, of genders and attractiveness and class and beliefs different than mine or yours? If I asked you for money would you give it to me? If I asked you for food, clothing, shelter, your car, your time, your attention, your... (more)

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Men, Women and Lies

By icanluvulongtime, published on Oct 22, 2007

I get some grief when I write about certain women/girls (models) but everyone seems to love it when I shaft men, so I think I'll do a bit of that today, in the hope that you will give me five stars and say things in the comment section like, "Your writing skills are amazing and I'd love to have sex with you". With that hope in mind, I will tell you the truth about men. Men don't really mind if they are insulted as long as what is said is true. We pretty much will accept derogatory comments that are accurate, shrug our shoulders and say "Oh well" and go back to pretending that we get offered... (more)

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New HIV Vaccine Fails Clincal Trial. Scientists Devastated.

By Jen, published on Oct 21, 2007

...productive infection before it could take hold and/or keep viral loads below the threshold required to bring about the onset of AIDS. The first clinical trial of this vaccine was begun in 2004 and halted last month after an interim analysis of 1500 participants, most of whom were men who have sex with men and also most likely to respond to the vaccine revealed that no protection was conferred. Of the 741 participants who received at least one dose of the vaccine 24 (3.2%) have become infected compared to 21 (2.7%) of the 762 participants who received a dummy shot. Even more... (more)

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