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Ladies Forego Dick

By travelingseth, published on Apr 6, 2008

As someone with lots of female friends, I must report an alarming trend: almost none of them are getting laid. They want to get laid—or at least complain incessantly about how long it's been. They're hot. And most should be in their sexual prime (late twenties/early thirties). What the not fuck?

Because this trend seems correlated with me not getting laid, I've spent considerable time analyzing it. As far as I can tell there are four driving factors.

1. They're turning down bad sex. They've had enough bad sex in their lifetime to realize that the oft quoted saying,... (more)

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The Warned: A Musical Omelette

By Gary Schwind, published on Mar 24, 2008

...messages and we want to get things across to maybe open their eyes in a different light. A lot of bands are out there being goofy and that has its place.(Jesse) A lot of bands are out there for chicks and glory.(Justin) Oh and we’re not?(Jesse) A lot of bands today are in it for the drugs, sex, and rock and roll. They just want to be huge. We’re in it for the music. We want to reach people. Nothing better than hearing younger generations putting your music on their iPods. It’s a good feeling and we try to give them a positive message. Try and change the world one little... (more)

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Now Drinking And Cell Phones Make Even More Sense Together!

By nhemerson, published on Mar 18, 2008

...having a BAC calculator could come in handy:

The obvious like oh I don't know...knowing if you are dunk and shouldn't drive!!! Standing around with your friends and comparing eachother's BAC. Dave is only .03? What a pussy!!! It's a great conversation starter with the opposite sex. That chick looks wasted, I bet I can impress her by guessing her BAC!!!! The ladies love a guy who is psychic and funny. As a reference to explain to the bartender that is is ludicrous to stop serving you. You aren't even twice the legal limit yet!!! What is this, Salt Lake City?... (more)

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Neverwonder: The Beach Meets The Cornfield

By Gary Schwind, published on Mar 3, 2008

... future.” If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have Megan in the band. It’s really simple, but that’s what it is. Focus on the positives, not the negatives. Never wonder about it.Nice.(MB) Mine is better.(AR) She likes the bread.(MB) Or maybe like a WonderBra.(VR) It’s all sex with her.(MB) No, it’s not!(AR) Yes it is. (laughter)(MB) You’re so funny.(VR) She’s very innocent, mom and dad. Give me the jewel case sticker version of your sound.(VR) You’re making us think here.(MB) That’s good.(VR) That’s a great question actually,... (more)

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Picked Clean At Pier 39

By Ed Attanasio, published on Mar 2, 2008

... may try to show something to a mark, like a drawing or a toy, while other children sneak up from behind. Another common trick is to surreptitiously spray someone with bird droppings, or a convincing facsimile, and then offer to help clean it off.

One of the most effective distractions is sex: An attractive woman, usually pretending to be intoxicated will touch an unsuspecting man affectionately, and lift his wallet or watch while he's distracted.

Some pickpockets play on compassion in their distractions. They "accidentally" drop change or shopping bags on the ground so that ... (more)

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In Praise Of Older Woman: Man's Best Aphrodisiac

By Ladymaggic, published on Feb 28, 2008

...the best Friends, Lovers and Mates for Younger Men and Mature Men who can appreciate their qualities and skills

They are mature and ripe like fine wine, and are at the peak of their life, which is rich in experience and living and loving They are experienced in many areas of life, including sex They don’t have periods and make messes in beds and the bathroom, and they don’t have moods and depressive states They don’t use a whole roll of toilet paper each time they use the toilet, and I have no idea why young women use heaps of paper, but they do They know the best restaurants and ... (more)

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Bunny Bravo: Burlesque Is Not Stripping

By Gary Schwind, published on Feb 26, 2008

...that we went to at first. Then she quit doing them and when we went back we noticed we didn’t enjoy the shows as much. It was really her that was pulling us there. She is the embodiment of burlesque, she’s very entertaining to watch. Exotic World title-holder, Queen of the Quake. She oozes sex, and burlesque, and confidence. I started talking to her on Myspace, and she decided to teach a class. So I was one of the first to take a class from her. I’m really privileged I did because she shortened the classes and upped the price on it. I feel like I got a lot for the money out of it. I ... (more)

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Hollywood's Trash, Society's Treasure

By Lila M., published on Feb 23, 2008

... that air of danger that lures them in, a sort of unruly nature that we all longed for or participated in while growing up. But the rebellious nature of today is not anything like the rebellious nature of yesterday. Sure there was always the problem of drugs and drinking and the hint of underage sex present in the past 30 years. But it was never as hardcore or at the extreme form that we are witnessing today. Back then, there was still a sense of right and wrong and moral judgment most often than not prevailed. Unfortunately these days the notion of “a little rebellious fun” gets... (more)

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Man's Search For The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

By Ladymaggic, published on Feb 22, 2008

...The beauty of these Motels for the traveler is that for the same price you can stay the night, and that is what most travelers do…cheap accommodation with all the frills but not the thrills. One room I took in Seoul had Korean floor mats for twelve, with the explanation that this was a group sex room. I was enthralled, and piled up all the twelve mats for a softer bed, and slept soundly alone and undisturbed.

Ginseng is popular with regular intake, and pills are taken a few times a day. Ginseng is also drunk in a soup with chicken, dog meat or fish, and it is certainly an... (more)

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The New Optimism

By Glenn T, published on Feb 17, 2008

...for a couple of hours. It’s enough to make to you go home and cry. We’ve tried to commoditize happiness and done a really bad job of it – and raised the price nonetheless. The reality of most relationships is that they are either convenient or quid pro quo arrangements for sex and money. Why is she with him? Yes, because he’s rich. Is it so hard to admit that this sort of thing surrounds us? What sort of delusive happiness requires that I look at the world and see hearts, flowers, rainbows, and Care Bears everywhere? No thanks. New Optimists believe that... (more)

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