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Going Against The Odds

By Randy Mitchell, published on Sep 27, 2011

I live in Dallas and am a proud Texas native. So naturally, when fall rolls around I tend to glue my attention inside the TV set on Sunday afternoons in order to watch my beloved Dallas Cowboys. I know, they haven't exactly torn up the playoffs in over a decade and have had many organizational issues, but they're still my team and will be forever. Their recent win against the 49ers increased my hope of Super Bowl contention while watching the next to last play giving them their first victory of the season. It also showed the appearance of a come-from-nowhere upcoming athlete. Out of... (more)

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Let Me Qualify That

By Briselle, published on Sep 12, 2010

Let Me Qualify That!

‘I’m a failure!’

I used to say this quite frequently. I would look back over my life and ask myself just what had I accomplished? Had I realized even one of the dreams I held so dear as a child? But then, one day, I had a revelation.

So what were my dreams? What had I hoped to do with my life?

First and foremost I always wanted to be a writer. To me, being a writer meant having a best seller – being a household name, like Stephen King, or Dean Koontz. Well, it never happened. However I did have a piece of my work published. I took part in an... (more)

Tags: setting goals, qualifying expectations, setting parameters to mark success, achieving goals

Demonstrating Personal Beliefs

By Theresa H Hall, published on Jun 22, 2010

I believe in the power of words and the ability to shape my future. I didn't always think this way.

I know that it sounds bizarre to many and at one time I even thought it was poetic nonsense. "What a waste of time writing down goals and getting all hyped up over reaching for the stars." I'd think. But down through the years, I have read motivational books (or parts of them), listened to meditation tapes and CD's, even went to a few seminars for higher thinking. I adapted some of the thinking into my everyday life, and even read excerpts from many of them, in order to convince myself... (more)

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