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Looking Within...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jun 28, 2013

Within this serenity Listening to the echosOf many choices and voicesSpeaking to my essence ***The rhythm of life drummingLoudly singing it's refrainPainting a masterpieceBreathed into existence***Bathed in purity of heartA holy chalice of graceShining it's magnificent Abundance of harmony***Floating to a quiet nestJust me and the moonAnd the blue sky of hopeListening to the voice of truth***In this place I hear God whisperReminding me to breatheTo fold on firmlyKnowing everything will be okay*** Copyright © 2012 Barbara MacDonald


Tags: life, heart, joy, free, serentiy, carry on, place

Sleep Now

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 3, 2012

Sleep now

Don't speak

Lay your head down to rest

Close your eyes now

Don't think

Thoughts can resume tomorrow

Breath in... relax now

Calm and settle down

No planning of tomorrow

Just sweet dreams of tonight.

Your day has been long

And I want you to rest now

Clear your mind for me please

Don't put up a fight,

I know your tired

You need your rest tonight.

Let me comfort you, trust me,

Let me soothe you...

Gently rub your head as you rest

Now you... (more)

Tags: emptiness, sleep, rebirth, serentiy, rest, dream weaver

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