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Fashion Sense? Snort-She Was BORN With It!

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 17, 2012

... adorable, clever and independent Claire was also strong-willed, high maintenance and high-strung. My fifth child, Claire was a beautiful little package of contradictions who gave me strife and hilarious joy, sometimes at the very same time. Most arguments were about clothes. Although her fashion sense has developed into a wonderful gift now that she is in her mid twenties, at three and four-years old this “gift” was a pain.

Claire changed her clothes often throughout the day, from the age of two. Watching one of the few videos of our family, one of my older daughters pointed at... (more)

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By D. Sager, published on Feb 15, 2012

I will guide you through your inhibitions To secret places beyond skin Slaying your fears and laying them at rest Released to feel abandon within Drop your fetters they are unable to keep you Rising on heated drafts of sense Plunging deep beneath waterfalls of escape Servants of winged concupiscence All your life woman, longing to aimlessly run A doe in grasses frolicking without censor Jumping over pillows of mossy wood Finding safety in my fertile pasture

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