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Retirement Undone

By In Suzi's Words, published on Apr 23, 2014 longer has a period next to it and no longer signifies an end to being a productive member of society. On the contrary, according to second act or encore career guru Mark Freedman, for more than 9 million Baby Boomers starting second careers, retirement signifies a whole new beginning. Seniors today are in the prime of their lives; actively participating in sports, mentoring up-and-coming CEO’s, and putting their heart’s passion in motion by joining non-profit organizations faster than you can say rocking chair!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the... (more)

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Self-Publishing Report: Interview with Wayne Hatford

By boomergirl, published on Feb 6, 2013

...number one (this is my second self-published book) ~ also, because of the low cost of producing an e-book, and in order to have complete control of the content. Finally, I wanted to make sure I got this material published because GFE is a really useful self help/personal growth tool for Seniors.

Take us through the process. You had an idea for your book, you wrote it, then you decided to find a publisher. What were your experiences with that? Or did you decide to self-publish without looking any further?

I went through a long search for an agent and/or traditional... (more)

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