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When Life Is Gray

By Coach Phatty, published on May 29, 2014

Life is a funny thing…there are times when a person feels great about themselves; their self-esteem is at an all-time high, everything in the world looks and feels as beautiful as a cool, crisp autumn day…nothing can be better.

Then come the “down times” in life; the moments in life when an individual feels as if they are beaten, battered, and worthless. It seems as though nobody cares about what they say (or do), their self-confidence is gone and life just seems to be going nowhere.

It is during these rough times that two kinds of people are made; those who dwell on the... (more)

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The Story of the Wemmicks: Feeling Good About Ourselves

By Coach Phatty, published on Nov 15, 2013

There are many times that we feel “beat up”, insignificant and worthless. We focus so much of our time and energy of what we think other people think and say about us, that we sometimes we forget the most important thing…how we feel about OURSELVES…despite what others say. Today’s story is a beautiful example of how we should feel about ourselves.

The Wemmicks were small wooden people. Each of the wooden people was carved by a woodworker named Eli. His workshop sat on a hill overlooking their village.

Every Wemmick was different. Some had big noses, others had large eyes. Some... (more)

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Challenges or Inspiration!

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 19, 2012

Having a look around at other people in business everyday worldwide. You see successful Men and Ladies working constantly on the internet and in business's. To move into a challenge is picking up an idea that someone has tossed around and done not much with.

Challenge to pick up some of the idea, concept manipulate it and move it into a successful business. Brainstorming, well it is a challenge and gets the blood pumping for me. I am quick to realise that many businesses fail when the directors don't work on the business they work in the business.

With our business partnership,... (more)

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I’m Doing Me!

By Shari G, published on Aug 17, 2011

I was taking a walk to Starbucks yesterday to get my “minky winky” (That’s what my boyfriend has nicknamed my green - tea -soy -latte -no - sweetner –extra- matcha drink. Yes, I’m aware that I’m “that girl”, however, I try to be really silly about it with the barista knowing that I’m being really annoying. They laugh. At me probably, but whatever.) when I walked by this guy wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m doing me!”. I chuckled inside (after I rolled my eyes) because when people usually say that phrase, it’s more than likely a rebellious statement because they have gotten hurt by someone... (more)

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Women, up for sale.

By SZU, published on Oct 8, 2010 talk to will tell you she teaches her daughter to compromise at every step; hardly any ‘compromise lessons’ are given to any of the men. That’s hypocrisy to me and that’s what fumes me.

The typical process of getting a proposal and getting married is one where a girl’s self-esteem, eccentricity and personality are slaughtered with utmost diligence and finesse. If a family comes to see you as to speculate whether or not you are fit for their son, you will be asked to smile, frown, laugh, walk, drink, eat, take your shawl on your head, take it off from your head and... (more)

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