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What Do You Like About Yourself ?

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Feb 14, 2014

What Do You Like About Yourself ?

It's kind of strange, but for some reason people struggle with answering this more so than if you ask them what they don't like about themselves. Seems they can come up with quite a list of negatives, but the positives things are harder for them to acknowledge.

Sometimes, we spend so much time thinking about our faults, and our weaknesses that we overlook everything that is precious and beautiful about ourselves.

So, I thought I'd ask the question:

What do you like about yourself?

It may be things about your body, your... (more)

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Are You Dating a Narcissist?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jun 27, 2013

For whatever reason, narcissism has become much more common in today's society. We could place the blame on the pampered Hollywood celebrities, corrupt politicians, greedy CEO's, or cocky sports figures we watch on TV. After all, they're who society sees as role models every time we hit the remote control. But, should their self-entitled actions spill over to all of us? Especially inside our love lives? To read the rest of this article, and others, go to It's an all-inclusive dating resource site whose experts dispense wisdom on 'all things dating' through how-to-articles,... (more)

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Don't let yourself be blinded by those mirrors in the room..

By Lartinos, published on Oct 9, 2012

...feel the need to prop up themselves at any cost, and think they are God’s gift to the planet are called, “Narcissists.” Not to be confused with someone who loves themselves in a healthful way or a sociopath who feels the need to control people but does not need recognition in any way. Self love is an important characteristic that is necessary for not only the happiness of themselves, but also the people around them. That is because people who are self loathing often do not love themselves which makes it impossible for them to truly love other people as well.

Narcissists are... (more)

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Real Is Beautiful

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 9, 2012

Being tender, open and "real" is beautiful...I do question why many people are unable to live with this part of their soul...instead living to be what others expect them to be... It is our most sacred gift from God. When your heart and soul are open, you leave your ego behind. It no longer matters what insignificant "should be, should not be, probably was, probably wasn't" entering into your thoughts. If we are aware, we will always redirect our thoughts and heart to a higher place...And yes, I pray everyday to be able to live my life in this way...Sometimes I am successful... (more)

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Falling in Love in Only 5,475 Days

By Shari G, published on Aug 10, 2011

It was my junior year of college right before Thanksgiving and all I could think about was how many days were left before Christmas vacation when I’d be back home to see my new fiancé. Well, all up until 5am one morning when I awoke from an awful dream. I sat up in my bed, called my mother and told my mom, “I think (insert name) is cheating on me.” Now, if you knew (insert name) and I, you would know that he would’ve never been the one cheating. Everyone, including me, thought that this man would’ve done anything for me and straying would be the last thing I or anyone else would’ve ever considered.... (more)

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