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Lifelong Sobriety

By Yvonne Wu, published on Jan 9, 2014

Prolonged drug use impairs judgment and the ability to focus for long periods of time. In my new book “Lifelong Sobriety” I provide short, precise and highly accessible chapters. Each chapter is designed to teach about or change a specific behavior.

The advice is relevant to the topic of each chapter and is the type of advice you would find in a recovery group. My book focuses on the recovering addicts emotional health which helps addicts find answers to their issues.

My love of writing and my fascination with addictive behavior and the recovery process led me to my chosen path... (more)

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Your Startup Company as a Business Experiment

By Yvonne Wu, published on Sep 18, 2012

Entrepreneurs continue to follow traditional thinking of starting with a business plan and then executing it. Most entrepreneurs treat the information in the business plan as the proven recipe for reaching their goals. The problem is most of the information is estimates, guesses, and just plain wishful thinking. How much of the information in your business plan is rock solid facts and data? Unless you have direct experience with the market, customers, and stakeholders, it’s not likely to be based upon actual experience. In which case, you are simply not ready yet to write a business plan. This... (more)

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The Gold in Silence

By DebTim, published on May 4, 2012

There are many times in life when it’s better not to open your mouth - keeping your thoughts and opinions to yourself. Often we have something witty and amusing to impart but if the situation isn’t appropriate we could end up looking the fool. Times like this it’s important to evaluate your situation and your comment, making sure it is accepted the way you want. Think before you speak. Easier said than done I’m afraid. Choosing your words wisely and deciding the right time to speak are essential in giving your words the most impact when trying to get your point across. In developing... (more)

Tags: philosophy, thoughts, inspirational, self improvement

The amazing power our thoughts have over our happines

By DebTim, published on Apr 29, 2012

Today as I was looking at Wanda our lovely Hibiscus tree. I got to thinking about her seeds. Now work with me here okay?

Imagine for a minute that your mind was a greenhouse. Your greenhouse needs to be taken care of and managed to produce well right? OK so now consider that your thoughts are seeds. Now, as we have found with Wanda’s seeds – some are healthy and some are not. The healthy ones we will keep and nurture into healthy lovely plants. The not so healthy ones will be tossed away. We should be doing this with our thoughts. Take a good thought, a pleasing thought,... (more)

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