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Are Elections and Appointments in India, caste based?

By dchaitanya, published on Apr 8, 2013

...Similarly in the States politics even today, the voting will be done on the basis of caste and religion. 90% of people in India lead their lives based on superstitions and astrology; hence poverty and underdevelopment are ruling the nation. Nobody would respect the nation that is suffering from poverty and underdevelopment. Even though India is bigger than England, but it has no seat in Security Council as a result of the said two factors.

Katju seems to have made these comments with agony towards unchanging evil trends and mind set up of large section of people. By dchaitanya


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Brave Global Leader is Required to Establish a New World Order

By dchaitanya, published on Jun 22, 2012

Anybody will agree that today there is an alarming drought for honesty, sense of proportion, good behavour, morals and discipline among the majority human beings around the world. No financial Aid and packages of United Nations or World Bank would give relief to get out of this ‘peculiar drought’. This perucliar drought in human nature is prevalent in all nations around the world, because the people and leaders both are suffering from this peculiar drought. No where there is coincidence between the words spoken and deeds done by the people in general and by those who are in power, in particular.

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By dchaitanya, published on May 18, 2012

...But, whether it has completely occurred in the case of India is not yet certain. However in spite of dearness, in certain aspects the United States still is not absolutely supporting India. For instance, U.S. is not vehemently supporting the India’s aspiration for permanent seat in Security Council by expanding the strength of Security Council, expect rendering lip-service to Indian contention for permanent membership in Security Council. This is something like a middle-class husband’s apprehensions that if a wife is given full powers and freedom she would go out of his control.... (more)

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