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Seasons Of Life

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 19, 2013

...I let go...feeling the amniotic fluid from which I was born into. Mother Earth surrounding me and holding me safely to its breast. I am drifting as if dreaming, the mist carrying the new water the offspring, pregnant with their own ideas and fulfillment of dreams put to motion. The seasons of life, waiting to blossom into the joy of awareness. I see hope on the horizon, the melting of the barren birthed into inspiration. I move from my place of comfort to foretell another journey of my soul. Into the new dawn of His creation. Thank you.

This written today while meditating. ... (more)

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Journey On

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jan 15, 2013

Appointed we embraced Walking into the flame

Inseparable we danced in unity

Discerning we would never be the same...

Fall gave birth to joyWinter we bathed in the warmthSummer welcomed us daily

Spring brought forth fruition of growth

Rains and clouds passed us by

Dissolving into rainbows...

Carpeted in mellow thoughts

Our story is written

Never to be destroyed

Without us

One would not be

Who we are now...

Even in the void There is still existenceThrough the tears We remember and celebrate Standing on... (more)

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