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Why does google insist on punching bloggers in the face?

By thebritishmenu, published on Aug 26, 2013

For those that do not already know me, I am a food blogger, a blogger - that like most, just wants to sit, write, drink large amounts of caffeine and project my thoughts and recipes onto a computer screen in the hope that few or many will read them. Also like many I have this un realistic idea that I should be able to do just that without any form of punishment, I mean it's not like I'm doing anything wrong is it?

So why then does the giant internet eating machine that is google want to penalize the hard working blogger for no apparent reason, and if there is a reason then why not use... (more)

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SEO and 10,000 Student Essays Teach about Titles

By darinlhammond, published on Nov 14, 2012

... If the student doesn't care enough to engage me with the title, what do I have waiting for me in the remaining pages? Drivel.

As bloggers, we consider technology when crafting those first words. We may grumble at the need to write for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but I find that search engines usually look for the same qualities as readers - fresh content. New readers are drawn to our website when our titles show up in searches, and keywords are the charmers. Usually this still allows for a creative, powerful title.

Based upon human readers and electronic bots, I have put... (more)

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