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Superbowl Afterglow

By evidentlyblog, published on Feb 6, 2014

...wonder if you ever had a choice in the matter.

However I can't begin to say how thankful I am to have married a man who does not devote his weekends to sports. As if nothing could be more normal, like Joe Namath in a full length fur coat, my husband only starts taking an interest in Seahawks football during playoff time. It's at this point he also begins using the pronoun "we" when referring to the Seahawks team. This is not a slight to him but more of an observation that he genuinely feels that inclusiveness. But from my vantage, we have not burned the hours in front of the TV... (more)

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0 For

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 10, 2011

...or I should be given a job immediately as an NFL talking head....either way I went 0 for 4 in my playoff picks this weekend. Let's examine why.

Seattle over the Saints. Now, I am far and away not the only person to pick the Saints. I think just about everyone in America, outside of Seahawks fans, picked the Saints to win. Not too many expected a 7 and 9 team to beat the defending Super Bowl champions. But beat them they did. The Saints were reduced to an even more one dimensional team when the running backs they did have were both injured in the game. Drew Brees was the... (more)

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Playoffs?! Playoffs?!

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 4, 2011

...They have a bit of trouble on the doing though against good teams.

In the first playoff game, I'm going with the Colts and Peyton Manning.

In the second playoff game, you have the reigning Super Bowl champions the New Orleans Saints having to face off with the just in Seattle Seahawks. The sub .500 Seahawks. The back-up QB Seahawks. The Saints have had a season that was not what anyone expected after their Super Bowl win last season. They too have suffered injuries throughout the season. Drew Brees has been less than accurate even though he has thrown for over 4000... (more)

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Down To The Wire

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 27, 2010

... okay down the stretch with Bradford getting better every week. He is the best of the new crop of quarterbacks in my opinion. The team has some bright lights, but also some glaring problems and regardless of whether they win this division or not, they will not last long in the playoffs. The Seahawks are also still in the game at 6 and 9. Yes, 6 and 9 people. It is almost unfathomable that a team with this kind of record actually has a chance. Next Sunday, the Rams and Seahawks play each other for the division title and whomever comes out the winner gets to go to the post season.

... (more)

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