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Celebrated Statue of Theodore Roosevelt

By Credo, published on Sep 20, 2013

...first thing you see upon entering the steps of the museum, is this bronze equestrian statue. Is it [the Theodore Roosevelt statue is the beginning of the museum's presentation] the beginnings of the American story, as it is the entrance to the edifice of our history? Clearly the artistic sculpture of President Theodore Roosevelt that is situated in front of the museum of Natural History uncovers the possibility that its in-depth meaning has some formidable significance to American history, otherwise it would not be the primary artistic muse of consideration before entering the... (more)

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“Objectified II” Opens Thursday, July 20th at bG Gallery!

By Libby Lancaster, published on Jun 14, 2013

bG Gallery presents a new exhibition, “Objectified II” opening on Thursday, June 20th. Curated by Douglas Alvarez, the group show focuses on every day, symbolic objects and people around us and how we as a society interact with them.

Hadiya Finley’s impressive sculptures will be featured in the show. Finley was introduced to art at an early age. “I had access to a good library of art books and began going to museums on my own in the city (New York) as early as age10 and 11 years,” says Finley. “I began Saturday art classes when I was in Kindergarten. In addition to the visual art classes,... (more)

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Obama Goes Bust

By Anastasia , published on Aug 5, 2012

In responding to my recent article on Obama’s incapacity for high office (Don’t Mess with Mr In-Between, 26 July) one contributor made the following observation about Mitt Romney’s supposed London Olympic gaff during his recent foreign tour:

…Mr. Romney goes to London on his first foreign visit as a presidential candidate and he insults our greatest ally. He went on a soft-ball tour and screwed it up. He showed he's not even qualified to be a foreign service officer never mind the president of the U.S.

This is a subject I intend to return to, a Michigan Yankee in the Court of... (more)

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