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A Lonely Bud

By Rahul, published on Aug 3, 2013

It was a Friday evening and the school fell into an odd silence, as all the children left as soon as the bell rang. Its weekend and the school won’t open till next Monday; the joy of the holidays filled the faces of the children and the teachers alike as they left the school grounds. A lean young man in a khaki shirt and dhoti’s was rushing through the corridors with a bundle of keys dangling in his hand, closing the windows and locking the doors of each classroom, his name was Appu and he was the school peon. It’s past 5 pm and he was in a hurry not because of the principle waiting in her... (more)

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'Abstinence-Only' Sex Education – The Oxymoron

By Alethea, published on Feb 28, 2013

...focus on education, but uses fear-based tactics to promote withholding sex until marriage. Key educational features, such as contraception methods, are completely removed from the curriculum, while other states have no mandated sex education at all.

So is sex education needed in the schools? What is the problem?

The deal is that even though US teen pregnancy is at a low (about 35 out 1,000 teen girls will become pregnant), the US still has the highest rate of pregnancy in the developed world and American adolescents are contracting HIV faster than any other demographic... (more)

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My Brief Television Stardom Saved Me from a Gang

By HomeRearedChef, published on Feb 11, 2013 get my GED, I was given a TV spot on a local network—exercising with some added entertainment—that would promote the Army and its recruiting. I put together a group and began plotting the weekly program. It would be called, “Nini and the Cable Kickers.” (Nini was my nickname in high school.)

Besides doing the weekly show for the Army that summer, and studying for my upcoming GED test, I attended summer school. I was bussed to a school out of my district and this would present a problem for me. Being from another district meant I was an outsider, and I would obviously stand ... (more)

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Stand Together

By Caballero_69, published on Aug 23, 2011

Although I am not with you,

You are in my mind and heart.

I want to share a few words

As this school year is about to start.

Because the future seems terribly uncertain,

This much is surely true.

You must focus on the here and now

It is all there is to do.

Each month this year will be another stage in the ongoing battle

You begin this year with drastic changes as you have in every other

Therefore, your only hope is to work and pull together

Help, support, and care for one another.

As in the past, so now again,

... (more)

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I Never Learned THAT Before!

By Shari G, published on Jul 6, 2011

As I woke up this morning in a hazy fog from my recent jaunt to Las Vegas for a friend’s birthday, my first thought, well besides, “Damn, I need some water,” was, “Oh, holy hell, I have a column to put out.” Which then, in turn, turned quickly to panic trying to decide the one thing I would like to share that I’ve learned along my journey. First thought that came to mind was: definitely don’t eat a buffet after you’ve done some drinking. Well, nobody needs to eat a buffet period, but that’s beside the point. Come on, focus, Shari. Simplify! So that’s what I’ve done. I decided I want to share... (more)

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Just the Beginning (part 5)

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 6, 2010

As lunch approaches josh offers to take me out, we leave school grounds and eat out. I get a hamburger, the juice drips down my chin; I wipe it with a napkin and continue to look at him. We don’t say much, our eyes saying it all, as his cell rings, he stands up to take the call. He starts to scream into the receiver, his face getting red, he slaps a glass off the counter, it shatters. I’m afraid, and can’t continue looking his way. I stand up slowly and walk out, not looking back. I head to school, knowing I’ll be late by going on foot instead of a car, but the walk isn’t that far.

... (more)

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The English School of Love

By alan handwerger, published on May 3, 2010

...then twenty-two year old self. Here’s a scene from that short-lived marriage, set in the small Hertfordshire community where I’d taken my first teaching job.

“Are you having a good time, then, Alan?” asked Richard Sparks, head of the history department at the Hartland School, Upper Bingsford, Herts.

“Great, thanks, Richard. It was really nice of you to invite us. Helen hasn’t had a chance to meet anyone since we got here.”

“Speaking of Helen,” said Richard, feigning nonchalance. “There’s something I wanted just to mention, Alan….Let ... (more)

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By SarahK, published on Feb 17, 2010

...looking at anybody after she sat down. The pain in the stomach was easier to ignore than the thought in her head. What would her classmates think if they knew?

The principal's announcement in the flag-raising ceremony next morning solidified her humiliation. He lectured the entire school on how someone's lunch was stolen, and how the thieve left it untouched because it was not to the person's liking. She felt the gaze from her classmates and wished she could simply vanish. Now they knew, she thought to herself. Nobody said anything to her, but her mind swirled downward to the... (more)

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Just the Beginning (part 2)

By taking off the mask, published on Sep 23, 2018

...learned to never look again. Mom was pregnant back than but after that the baby inside chose to die. I don’t blame the baby I would have done the same if I would have known life would turn out this way.

My alarm goes off I get out of bed, my skin still a tint of pink. I get ready for school and off I go, not bothering to grab food from the shelf. Making my way out of the haunted house, I spit in the open beer as I see the sleeping monster turn in his chair.

I open the door slowly as not to wake him up. I smile as I walk away from the things that occurred yesterday. I smile ... (more)

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