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"Imaginary bugs itch the most."

By Lartinos, published on Dec 4, 2012

Our brains are highly sophisticated machines capable of producing amazing things. Sometimes it can feel almost like a computer that has a virus though because our emotions can hold us back. We often doubt ourselves unnecessarily and live in a state of paranoia that can seem like a nightmare that never ends. Many forget that we do indeed control our lives, and even in a state of panic there is a right way and wrong way to think. Anxiety is ingrained into us to help us, but only if we let it.

As much as it is our brains fault, we must take responsibility for the behaviors in our lives.... (more)

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Dichotomy of a Tic

By D. Sager, published on Jun 6, 2012

...will squash the tic, making a blood stain on my leg, smiling with gratification of my exercise of power over it. It's funny to watch little creatures plying their wares, I feel compassion on their limited life span, on the narrowness of their existence. Strange how I play with them, others are scared, I however, am intrigued. Prying for weakness as I watch them grow fat with complacency, I smile to myself. In the end, the game will only be played out again, so I entertain myself with my current companions, a symbiosis of sort, the tug and pull of the game sharpening my senses.

I look ... (more)

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