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Rumours of Wrongdoing - the ballad of Tennes Kaspara.

By iancochrane, published on Feb 24, 2013

Cars and trucks wait in orderly lines, the Sørvågen-Værøy ferry still an hour away. I'm on the Lofoten Islands inside the Arctic Circle, and the northern autumn brings rain as I leave my car. The church I pass is small, the wet bluestone black. Behind, a mound rises to leaden skies, its sides shrouded in bush and drizzle. Not far now. My wet face and hands are cold.

I’m told she tread this very path – a young woman from Tennes, near Reine – religious hymns on her lips, tall and straight; wedding-white dress, dark hair falling on strong shoulders. I imagine the Arctic air heavy as now,... (more)

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