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Ways to Lose Your Retirement Savings

By VictoriaH, published on Sep 19, 2013

It takes years to save for retirement, usually all of your working life. There's a lot of advice out there for saving for retirement, but little advice about how to keep that money that you've been saving. Not all investment decisions are smart ones, and your retirement savings can be depleted faster than you think. Bad decisions like the ones listed here are quick ways to lose your retirement savings.

The Real Estate Racket

Investing in real estate isn't a bad decision for everyone. It can be lucrative for people experienced in the real estate market and a few lucky people who... (more)

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How I Stopped Burning Over $1,000 A Month

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 1, 2010

... These are not my ideas just ideas that worked for me to save money instantly (except for #1, that one is all me). These are things I should probably have been doing already, but like the rest of the USA I have been spoiling myself and my family. It hurts to know I could have been investing that savings before!

1) Kill that data plan! Monthly Savings = $140

I saved $140 a month by just killing the data plan for my iPhone and my wife's Blackberry. I also blocked text messaging. I found we were getting hit with $10 or more a month from text messages that were unsiolicited!... (more)

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