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Republican Pollution

By Liberal Stupidity, published on Mar 3, 2011

...Their words, not mine. How sick is that! Doesn’t seem like much of a platform to run on does it? Well they also have the fact that they “hate anyone who is not wealthy” going for them too…

While I was snooping around the RNC headquarters, I found a memo from Mitch McConnell to Sarah Palin that stated the purpose behind their love for the environmental destruction. Again I quote, “Once we destroy the environment to the point that human life is no longer possible without little personal climate bubble thingies, only the rich will be able to afford them, and we will be done... (more)

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Johnny (McCain), We Thought We Knew Ye

By Tom Lewis, published on Mar 30, 2010

...character, combined with the fact that his opponents ranged from incompetent to certifiable, gave him the New Hampshire primary and eventually the nomination.

And then he proposed to place, a heartbeat away from the presidency (a battered and eldertly heart, to boot) none other than Sarah Palin, who by comparison made his opponents in the primaries look like giants of intellect and achievement. The man who had spent his life putting country first, honor above all, put the good of the country below winning the presidency. Having accused Barack Obama of being just a celebrity, McCain ... (more)

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Hank Paulson Book Tour

By LesleyMo, published on Jan 31, 2010

...on his feet. But no, here he is, with a book explaining how difficult those times were for poor Hank.It was stressful. He suffered bouts of exhaustion and nausea. He read Bible verses and prayed for divine assistance. Barf.Here is one of my favorite passages, describing a conversation with Sarah Palin:"Right away she started calling me Hank... But for some reason, the way she said it over the phone like that, even though we'd never met, rubbed me the wrong way. I'm also not sure she grasped the full dimensions of the situation I had sketched out - or so some of her comments made me... (more)

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The Palin Interview

By LesleyMo, published on Nov 17, 2009

What a blockbuster moment!! The media event of the year!! The two most self-absorbed women in the world, on stage together. Brought a little tear to my eye.I have obtained an unofficial, unauthorized, and completely imaginary but not that far from the truth transcript of the much-anticipated Oprah-Palin interview. I knew you'd want to see it:Oprah: I am delighted to welcome you to my show, Sarah! Is this spotlight bright enough for you?Sarah: Yes, it's lovely! I've been in lots of spotlights, and this is one of the best so far.O: I need to apologize for not having you on sooner. I had some... (more)

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Palin Holds Her Own in VP Debat But Doesn't Dominate

By D. E. Carson, published on Oct 3, 2008

Tonight’s only vice-presidential debate was better than most people expected, but just didn’t have the “oomph” to push anyone ahead of the other.   It’s probably just as well though since the media has been all over Alaska Governor Sarah Palin after her two interviews with two-thirds of Obama’s press department: CBS and ABC.

Palin stood her ground against Senator Joe Biden, who is foolishly wasting his time to run as Obama’s running mate – after all, if Obama does win (God forbid) by the time Obama’s through stuffing that second “S” into “US(S)A” there won’t be a nation for Biden to... (more)

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