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Photo L.A. coming up in Santa Monica

By Ariel, published on Jan 12, 2007

The sixteenth annual Los Angeles Photographic Print Exposition will take place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium from January 18-21, 2007. If you are into photography, another exhibition is still running at the Getty Center until February 25th: "Where We Live: Photographs of America from the Berman Collection" The Photo L.A. exposition is organized by Artfairs, inc. which was created to "help expand the arts community in Los Angeles, and in particular to propel the thriving regional art scene onto the international radar." Looks like it is a success: "Over the course of fifteen... (more)

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Dr. Mark Scholz is a Man on a Mission

By Josh Marks, published on Jan 7, 2007

...and toxic forms of treatment – surgery and radiation. “This year, more than 25,000 Californians will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. That’s enough to fill the Kodak Theater seven times over,” said Leslie D. Michelson, CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation in Santa Monica. “These men and their families are in a race against time to find better treatments and a cure.” For more information or to make an appointment for a consultation, contact Prostate Oncology Specialists at (310) 827-7707 or More information about... (more)

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To the Top of Eagle Rock: Hiking in Los Angeles

By V, published on Dec 28, 2006

...NOT leave any trash behind! For the enjoyment of BrooWaha readers, I will share the knowledge so kindly shared with me, continuing local tradition. Here’s how to access this fantastic hiking trail, deep within Topanga Canyon, when heading North on the PCH toward Malibu from Venice/ Santa Monica. . Admire the Pacific Ocean all along side you on the left as you pass the Getty Villa on the right. . Turn right onto Topanga Canyon Blvd. . Continue up into the Topanga township and pass through it. . On the edge of the other side of the township, while still on Topanga Canyon... (more)

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Riding Along in My Automobile, No Baby beside Me at the Wheel

By V, published on Dec 8, 2006

...a general public, commuter train or bus to show you a city’s personality and its repertoire of people. So it was this way that I befriended the city of Los Angeles. Each morning, after I tether my beach cruiser to whatever pole is available and board my “Rapid” bus from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills, I become one of the 152,435 Angelinos who commute to work on public transport. It is only a small portion really of the 1,690,316 people in the city of Los Angeles (not county), who are of working age and work. My insistence on bus riding is a constant source of surprise... (more)

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Plenty to Do, See on Third Street

By Josh Marks, published on Nov 16, 2006

Yes, people walk in L.A. Well, Santa Monica to be more specific. Actually, the Third Street Promenade to be exact. Hey, it’s a start. While the car is still king of southern California and the sidewalks for the peasants, certain communities have made a concerted effort to create public spaces, which bring people together in a pedestrian-friendly environment. Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade is one of the success stories. Stretching from Broadway to Wilshire and only three blocks from the Pacific Ocean, the Promenade is lined with hundreds of shops and restaurants, plus three first-run... (more)

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Dude, You Gotta Learn to Salsa!

By John Wolf, published on Nov 11, 2006

...a female friend, who just so happened to be a Salsa Queen, where a big two left footed farm boy from New Jersey could learn to Salsa. After the laughter subsided, she got serious and said, “Monsoons, Wednesday Night, be there.” So, with a faithful wingman, I made the trek to Santa Monica. Paid my ten bucks and entered the belly of the beast. After a Tanqueray and tonic (or two) the class began. Oh god what did I get myself into! Following the lead of a very patient instructor, I went through the moves, Basic, Basic, Basic, rang in my ears. Struggling to watch my feet,... (more)

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Stranger Expectations

By AM Nelson, published on Nov 3, 2006

...handmade jewelry, and get an authentic bear hug in 15 minutes? Employed people are walking about as well, enjoying the sunshine, taking photos, breathing the air. Noticeably absent is shoulder bumping, avoidant behavior, or that “bitch” glancing. Similarly, the Promenade in Santa Monica offers a great opportunity to stroll. Shoppers with packages are careful not to bruise your legs and even make efforts to zigzag. Just as commonplace as cell phone users, so are people speaking to each other as they sip soft drinks and gossip: a kind, gentle gathering of consumers, happy... (more)

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What to Do in Los Angeles

By Katy Chen, published on Nov 2, 2006

... if they had three perfect days to explore a city. What would your perfect three days be? Or where would you tell friends to go if they visited our beautiful city for the first time? My perfect three day weekend would include going to brunch at the Pedals Cafe at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica. After brunch, I would take a long walk from Santa Monica to Venice and then back. I'd stop off at Angelato on the Third Street Promenade and get one of their amazing gelatos as a treat. And if there were still time before dinner, I'd wander through the stores along the promenade, Main... (more)

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Kicking It With the Homeless

By J. La Mont, published on Oct 6, 2006

...they're playing in a competition which is real, and people are according them respect and taking them seriously." A survey found after the last Homeless World Cup that 80% of participants had changed their lives for the better whether it was seeking training, beating drugs or finding employment. I don't think a checkered ball is the magic bullet solution to L.A.'s problems but it's heartening to see people successfully tackling the issue from a different perspective and who knows maybe sometime soon the World Cup will be in Santa Monica. We could use all the help and hope we can get.


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Ray Bradbury is Alive!

By J. La Mont, published on Sep 27, 2006

Ray Bradbury is alive! Ray Bradbury was born in 1920 and graduated from Los Angeles High School in 1938. He is best know for his classic works The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451. He spoke today, Sept. 27, at the Santa Monica Public Library for a free book signing and lecture. In a wheel chair, bad toupee and a jovial mood celebrating his 50th year signing books. His first signing took place two blocks from where we sat attracting a whopping 8 attendees including 4 family members. He started as a writer in Venice selling newspapers and getting published in pulp magazines like Super Science... (more)

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