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Dreaming? Goal setting? Or manifesting?

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 30, 2012

...we are just lost in space.

Flying out of the universe and missing the major stops maybe our life or destination had plained.

Goal setting is so important, people forget as children that in our folklore or tradition we aim for presents as rewards for being good and goal setting. Santa, Easter Bunny, some even Thanks giving. These are all goals, much work has to be done to get to this far along the road.

To set your dreams as a reality, or a wish. Is the ability for you to work continuously no matter what in search of your goal.

For many people the goals are... (more)

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Santa the Ho Monger

By Anastasia , published on Dec 8, 2011

A few years ago an attempt was made in Australia to stop Santa Claus giving his jolly Ho, Ho, Ho greeting to children, substituting Ha, Ha, Ha in its place, anodyne and wholly (!) without any kind of character or provenance. Why? Because ho is slang in America for, well, a ho!

That’s just the sort of thing that would be bound to upset every Australian girl and boy, just as it annoyed every Australian parent, many of whom were discovering for the first time what a ho was and what the jolly old, red-nosed (possible alcohol problem?) fellow was calling for.

Generally speaking Santa... (more)

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I Believe

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 9, 2010

When most children are small they believe in Santa Claus. They believe in the magic of Christmas and that Santa can do just about anything. It is the wonder of the season through the heart of a child. As they grow older, they start to believe less and less and one day they realize they don't believe at all anymore. But the magic of Christmas isn't reserved only for children. All it takes is a little belief.

The magic of Christmas is actually love. The love shared between people of all backgrounds and religions. The love of mankind one for another. This can be shown in so many... (more)

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Magic is Everywhere

By TheGuysPerspective, published on Dec 16, 2009

...they lose their teeth.

I say, “Well she’s just magical.”

That seemed to satisfy him and he nodded in agreement, happy that she would be bringing him something later that evening.

And then just yesterday, this same son says(I have another older one), “Dad, how does Santa deliver presents to every house in the world in one night? That must be like 50,000 houses!!”

I laughed, in spite of myself. (Yes, blatant rip off of the poem.)

I say, “I have no idea how he does it.”

He says, “Well his bag of presents must be as big as this... (more)

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