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He's Not Brett Favre

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Mar 10, 2008

... the second half at Dallas in late-November as he completed 18 of his 26 passes for 201 yards and threw one touchdown. He also rushed five times for 30 yards in that game.

Rodger's looks to succeed Favre in 2008 in a similar fashion to how Steve Young succeeded Joe Montana for the San Francisco 49ers. Being from the San Francisco Bay Area and watching Young takeover after Montana, Rodgers looks to follow in similar footsteps in taking over after Favre.

The one current comparison between Favre and Rodgers is that Rodgers is "injury prone". He's been injured two out of... (more)

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Picked Clean At Pier 39

By Ed Attanasio, published on Mar 2, 2008

Last night I went down to Fisherman’s Wharf. I wanted to see my buddy’s band play, so I ventured down there. I normally don’t ever visit this part of San Francisco. It’s a tourist trap and pretty tacky.

It’s the kind of place where they sell those cheap t-shirts that say “I Did Time at Alcatraz” and “I’m With Stupid.” Last night I saw a very fat lady wearing a t-shirt that said “I Conquered Anorexia.” Fisherman’s Wharf is where you’ll find portrait artists who will draw a cartoonish picture of you for... (more)

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Top Bay Area Restaurants: A Fabulous Foursome

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 27, 2008

... whipped cream. We eat out a lot (obviously) and we're always looking for unique flavors. Ravioli has a ton of them. Prices are moderate, they have a quality wine list and kids are welcome. It gets loud when it's busy, but the food helps you forget about the added decibels.

Straits (San Francisco Centre, 4th Floor, 845 Market Street, Suite 597, SF 94103/Phone: (415) 668-1783 features food from Singapore expertly prepared and presented by renowned Chef/Owner Chris Yen. With a full menu of delights and an amazing Raw Bar, Straits is a cornucopia of... (more)

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Bus Stop 101

By Lynn Downey, published on Feb 12, 2008

...the Bay Area he was the talk of the community pool and the school hallways. We figured he was no real threat to us, so we felt safe dissecting his deeds among ourselves. But in October of 1969 he entered the little village of familiarity that was our bus stop: he wrote a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle threatening to shoot out the tires of a school bus and kill all the kids as they got off.

Of course we all heard about this, and one morning after the letter was printed in the paper our bus stop group was deep into a Zodiac discussion when we heard the familiar sound of ... (more)

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Three Great Nor Cal Restaurants

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 6, 2008

...a sesame aioli ($7); Oysters in a carrot ginger sauce ($8); a Roasted Beet Salad with goat cheese, greens and fried onions ($8); a Tilapia entree with a balsamic-garlic butter sauce and thyme mashed potatoes ($17); Idaho Trout with sautéed artichokes, banana potatoes and basil ($16); and a Dick Confit with a honey-vinegar reduction, chili potatoes and braised fennel. As you can see by the prices that I have listed here, Passionfish is not incredibly expensive, which is a refreshing change when you consider all of the restaurants in San Francisco that are grossly over-priced.


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Uninsure California Lawmakers

By Tina Dupuy, published on Feb 6, 2008

...of the year. Believe me, healthcare will get reformed quicker if their lives and livelihoods depend on it. One in five Californians are uninsured -- so all our elected officials should be uninsured for one-fifth of the year until they fix the problem. What good would that do? In 1993, San Francisco passed a nonbinding measure encouraging public employees from the mayor on down to take public transit at least twice a week. How's that city's transit system now? Among the best in the country. People take vows of poverty to learn humility. People fast to learn gratitude for abundance.... (more)

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Cheaters Never Prosper

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 4, 2008

...princes of the NFL, got their come uppance. If revenge is best served cold, yesterday was a chiller. Bill Belichick and his group of elite athletes were outplayed and overmatched. The king is dead. The dream is over.

New England will not be talked about in the same breath as the San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys, great NFL dynasties all. The Patriots came off like big-headed trash talkers and the Giants left us with a happy, warm feeling. It was a karmatic snap-back of the highest magnitude. It was sweeter than candy and more fitting than a good pair of ... (more)

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Cotton Candy Spirituality: Thoughts On The New Age Movement

By Savattra2, published on Jan 26, 2008

...GOD that he placed you here to point out the dangers of her teachings and her credibilities! You are a righteous godsend dear and pay no attention to the nasty insulting remarks from below who goes by the name "Celeeeeene" Have an EXCELLENT day! RedSeraphim says: I attended a seminar in San Francisco in 2005 with an open mind and an eagerness to learn from Ms. Virtue since it was her cards that got me into the path of exploring New Age spirituality which I am forever grateful about. After paying $250 dollars for prime seating (our group, which had licensed counselors and healers along... (more)

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Swarming Writers

By Lady D, published on Jan 23, 2008

... just writers. SAG(Screen Actors Guild) member are also out marching, which includes many people who do mostly background work. Such as, Channing Humphries who said, “I march when I can, but I made sure I would be here today.”

Jennie Tan (no relation to Amy), who lives in San Francisco started a fan site for the show “The Office.” She was glad she could come to Los Angeles and show her support.

“Well I am actually blogging live as we speak,” said Jennie. She will have the latest and the greatest about the strike and the show she loves, on... (more)

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Apple Introduces Dennis Monk-world's Smallest Mac User

By Aaron S., published on Jan 16, 2008

...attention and generated considerable buzz in the Mac community.

Monk, who is 33 years and originally from Richmond, Virginia, has been a Mac user since age seven. He studied electrical engineering on scholarship at Cal-Tech, and now works as a Flash developer for Apple in San Francisco. An avid tadpole lover, he is committed to animal and forest conservation, but celebrated for his highly aggressive attitude, especially when defending his employer.

“Hello children. I’m all over these haters who say Apple has lost its edge. Have you even seen ... (more)

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