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October's Featured Contributor - Bill Friday

By Digidave, published on Oct 6, 2008 a point to read as quickly as possible. I love the film reviews of D.L. Ferguson. From his reviews I discovered his website, where he gives longer, freakin’ hilarious reviews of all things movie and TV. Another obvious choice is the mayor of San Francisco Broo, Ed Attanasio. I love the POV reporting of the Girl-Next-Door (to Danny Trejo), V. She’s a lot like reading Hunter S. Thompson but without the paranoid delusions. And V’s a lot better looking. And alive. Whether or not it’s the popular thing to say, I still look... (more)

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San Francisco's Not Feeling Tommy

By Ed Attanasio, published on Sep 30, 2008

We've seen some pretty amusing pieces of legislation out of the Board of Supervisors, but this one beats them all: Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier wants organizers of the San Francisco Italian American parade to boot Tommy Lasorda as grand marshal. And my initial question is: Doesn’t she have any more important things to do? Her district suffers from bad roads, bad drunks and a sagging economy (like everywhere else). Is Tommy Lasorda at the Italian American parade really reside at the top of her list or priorities?

For those of you who don’t know or care, Lasorda is the former... (more)

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Here's One Marriage He Can't Fix

By Ed Attanasio, published on Sep 10, 2008

...little something-something on the side. Sure, he’s no looker. But, women love power, and whether you like him or not, Dr. Phil has a very powerful and confident demeanor. Chicks dig that.

Regardless, the news (if true and I am not saying it is) will not help the Doctor. In the San Francisco Bay Area, they recently moved his show from prime time to a late afternoon slot. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

Here is the latest news on the alleged break-up, courtesy of

"TV shrink Dr. Phil makes a living dishing out advice to others - but now, he may... (more)

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Fighting Cancer With Celebrity Telethons

By AmyO, published on Sep 1, 2008 the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer the following July as a way to help me deal with my grief and hopefully help prevent others from having to suffer the same loss. Together with my fiance and several of my best friends, we raised over $7,000. We also walked 26 miles over two days through San Francisco and Southern Marin County. Talk about a challenge! It was one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I have ever done and to see all these other people that have been touched by cancer as well was oddly comforting. I chose to be involved with the The Avon Foundation because it has been... (more)

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The Brewhaha At Dolores Park Cafe

By Digidave, published on Aug 17, 2008

Last Sunday was a beautiful day here in San Francisco - and although I prefer to hang out on my computer and stay away from the light as much as possible - I ended up going to Dolores Park.

After wandering into Dolores Park cafe I saw the following poster. Apparently they have excellent drink deals every 2nd Tuesday of the month - they call it the "Brewhaha."

Clever name, don't ya think?


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King Of Clean

By AM Nelson, published on Aug 12, 2008

“I’d like a number nine combo with a diet Coke, no mayo.” That is the oblong-shaped fried chicken sandwich with fries (for those who don’t have the menu memorized). I became a secret fan while living in the anti-fast-food, anti-drive-through town of San Francisco. The corner of Ninth and Howard in SoMa supplied my Jetta with gas, a walk-up Starbuck’s for caffeine, and a blessed drive-through Burger King for those days where grease was a necessity. Homeless are ever present to relieve your center console of change as the aroma of processed meat fills the car. Before the first bite, a soft... (more)

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Waterbar Does Spectacular Seafood

By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 11, 2008

With spectacular interiors, an incredible view of the bay and some of the finest seafood I’ve ever eaten, the Waterbar is a new gem in San Francisco that represents all of the culinary greatness, creativity and passion this city’s food scene has to offer. Highly successful restaurateur Pat Kuleto has designed a place that has it all. Kuleto has now opened eight restaurants in the Bay Area that all do incredible business. And garner top reviews. It seems as though everything the man touches turns into gold and Waterbar is surely no exception.

The restaurant seats 275 diners... (more)

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Chihuly At The De Young

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 22, 2008

I recently went to this exhibition at the de Young museum in San Francisco and it is absolutely incredible. The glass work that this man does is some of the most amazing stuff I have EVER seen. The exhibition runs through the end of September, so you still have some time to see it. I cannot recommend it more!

Chihuly at the de Young is Dale Chihuly’s first major exhibition in San Francisco, and includes eleven galleries of new and archival works representing the breadth and scope of the artist’s creative vision over the last four decades. The de Young Museum is the only... (more)

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Sf Freaks: From Emperor Norton To The 12 Galaxies

By travelingseth, published on Jul 11, 2008

San Francisco has a long history of celebrating its freaks— or eccentrics if you want to be PC about it, which we don’t. Perhaps the most famous San Francisco freak of all time is Emperor Norton. A freak on the scene from way back in the mid/late eighteen hundreds, Emperor Norton (born Joshua Abraham Norton), declared himself “Emperor of these United States” and “Protector of Mexico”, and walked the streets in his elaborate military uniform, doing inspections of the city and giving lengthy philosophical explanations to anyone who would listen.

... (more)

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Jackson Slams Obama On Tv

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 10, 2008

...that he could say how he really feels about Obama. This comment is no different than Jeremiah Wright's "US of KKK A" or Michael Pflegler's "White people have raped people of color". Even Obama himself is guilty of showing two faces to the world. Remember his comments to a closed forum in San Francisco about Americans being bitter toward people who are not like them and clinging to their guns and their religion when things get tough?

Instead of embracing Jackson's apology, Obama needs to distance himself from Jackson and reject Jackson's support all together. But he cannot. Obama... (more)

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