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Wheel Continues To Turn In Parkview Hair Of North Beach

By pennylane986, published on Dec 16, 2008

...get old-fashioned service. “I came to the US in January 1962 and I entered New York on a boat,” Balistreri revealed. He grew up in Sicily and learned professional hair-cutting skills when he was 12. He dresses professionally with slacks, dress shoes, a collared shirt and tie. San Francisco’s North Beach is filled with an Italian and Bohemian spirit. Friends eat lunch and drink Peroni on Columbus Street sidewalk cafes. Kids play Frisbee in Washington Square Park. And right across from Saints Peter and Paul Church, a gem that fills one with that same spirit, Parkview... (more)

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Don't Gnocch It Until You've Tried It!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Dec 4, 2008

The North Beach section of San Francisco has some of the most famous Italian restaurants in the country. Words like “authentic”, “old school” and “home style” come to mind when you talk about North Beach Italian cuisine. Just walking through North Beach is a wonderful experience—it’s like NY/SF meets Italy. With Italian bakeries, delis, pizzerias and trattorias on every block, the sights, smells and sounds of this quaint little neighborhood are a delight for all the senses.

The other night, we visited North Beach to dine at Firenze by... (more)

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Irreverent Musical To Roast San Francisco Seeks Talent.

By SF Follies, published on Nov 20, 2008

Bay Area Theatre Director and Producer John Bisceglie, who is best known for his elaborate and colorful musical productions, will be producing and directing his SF Follies musical revue at the Actors Theatre in San Francisco, opening February 6th, 2009.

The SF Follies takes a wicked wink at San Francisco'ss past, present and future. The show lampoons the City'ss popular landmarks, attractions, personalities, neighborhoods, institutions and events, making it the one show the San Francisco Board of supervisors doesn'st want you to see.

With hippies, flappers, rabid sea lions,... (more)

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Nate Knows Baseball

By Ed Attanasio, published on Nov 15, 2008


In 1965 he appeared in only 8 games with the Dodgers, but in 1966 he played in 80 games with a .193 average. He appeared in game 4 of the World Series as a pinch-runner.

In 1967, his batting average improved to .237 in 77 games. In the off-season, he was traded to the San Francisco Giants in the deal involving Ron Hunt and Tom Haller. He appeared in only 36 games in 1968, hitting .178/.189/.205.

In the off-season before 1969, he was traded to the Yankees, and played one game with them before they traded him to the Cubs, where he finished out his career in... (more)

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Onyx Cafe 10th Anniversary Poetic Revival, 11/9 - Echoplex

By T. Conboy, published on Nov 5, 2008

...moving to Los Angeles. Raines has performed her poetry at the Toronto Film Festival and in independent films in Montreal and Los Angeles. Other poetry appearances include London, UK; Paris, France; Boston, MA; Dallas, TX; and Atlanta, GA. She was a member of L.A's first poetry slam team to San Francisco in '93. In 1994, Ms. Raines produced, directed, and performed in the Hollywood production, "The Naked Word," a theatrical evening of poetry. Presented in a 99-seat theatre, it featured poets ranging in age from 23 to 83, live music, and bared feelings on social, political, and spiritual... (more)

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Why California Needs Proposition 8

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 2, 2008

...America – the will of the people.

But the will of the people doesn’t count when it comes to the state of California.

The ink had hardly dried on the forms certifying the results of the 2000 election when lawsuits started popping up all over the place – especially in the San Francisco area demanding the courts overturn Proposition 22. In San Francisco, a trial court was the first to commute the will of the people and invalidate the gender requirements. A California state appellate court reversed that decision supporting the will of the people. In December 2006, the... (more)

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Frankly Speaking With A Baseball Legend

By Ed Attanasio, published on Oct 29, 2008 the Giant dugout filled with enemy players, said of the Giants, in Peter Golenbock's book Bums, "They were dirty ballplayers ... They all wanted to be like Durocher, to copy Durocher. That Herman Franks, he was another one."

Franks' four seasons (1965-68) as manager of the San Francisco Giants produced four frustrating second-place finishes in the National League. The club won 95, 93, 91 and 88 games and finished 2, 1½, 10½ and 9 games behind the league champions. He then coached nd managed off and on for the Chicago Cubs over an 11-year period. Although... (more)

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Tales Of A Nurse: A Formidable Life

By baynurse, published on Oct 28, 2008

...the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick, the popular and the unpopular,

I have been called everything from lard assed bitch to hottie.

I have stayed at the same hotel presidents and royalty stay with room service and valet and I have stayed at a crack ridden hotel in San Francisco.

I have done private duty registered nursing for the richest patients with more money than they can spend in this lifetime and have washed the macerated feet of the homeless and suctioned maggots from various body parts including the mouth of a comatose man dying of aids.

I... (more)

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The End Of A Short And Not-so-sweet Era For The 49ers

By AmyO, published on Oct 21, 2008 against the Seattle Seahawks.Fans began to rejoice at the possibilityas many of had been waiting for this moment for a long time.About 4 hours later, that rumor became reality when the 49ers announced Nolan was fired and Singletary would be taking over.

Today in the San Francisco Chronicle, Sports Columnist Ray Ratto said the decision was a good one but that it was bad timing. He said that it was “just another knee-jerk reaction by the Yorks” and that they should have waited till after the Seattle game so that Singletary would have the bye week to... (more)

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Overcoming Barriers To Compassionate Care

By wolviela, published on Oct 13, 2008 Need Them - Charles von Gunten, M.D., Medical Director, Center for Palliative Studies, San Diego Hospice, UC San Diego

Plain Speak: Health Literacy, Informed Consent and Shared Decision-Making - Rebecca Sudore, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Geriatics, UC San Francisco

Magic, Miracles and Modern Medicine: If all the Hands that Reach Could Touch - Steven Levy, M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine, Course Director, Medical Ethics and Public health, Lake Eric College of Osteopathic Medicine

Light refreshments will be served.

Last... (more)

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